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  • PHP Output Buffer (page-action) - v. .5b
  • PHP Output Buffer (page-action) - v. .5b

Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, and Pro 5

Author: Softpress Support

When a PHP script generates a page, it is sometimes helpful to suspend the output of headers to the browser until the entire script has finished.

If your script tries to redirect a visitor to a new page after some headers have already been sent to the browser, the script will fail with an error message.

PHP provides a helpful mechanism called Output Buffers that will let you work around this problem. It does so by letting the entire script execute without sending any headers to the browser until an explicit command is given to send the results.

This action wraps the page in the appropriate tags, which look like this:

<?PHP ob_start(); ?>
…your page here…
<?PHP ob_end_flush(); ?>

Simply apply the Action to a PHP page in Freeway, and the necessary code will be inserted.


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