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  • Ticker Tape (action) - v. 1.09
  • Ticker Tape (action) - v. 1.09

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Softpress Support

This standalone Action places an input field on the page that will scroll pre-defined messages inside it like ticker tape.

To use the Action select Ticker Tape from the Actions icon and draw the item on the page or from the Insert>Action Items menu.

In the Action palette you can change the speed of the letters and messages, the color or the text and the box containing the text, and add your messages (maximum 10).


I cannot get this action to work. I have followed ALL the instructions precisely and tried to follow all the posts on the forum about it - but, no matter what I do, all I get when I test it is the first line in a static form on the page.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Alex, if you're still having issues, can you try updating to the latest version. If it's still not working, get in touch with [email protected] who will be able to help out.

1.09 update: Fixed an issue with positioning in Freeway 6.

Can I change the size of the type and center it the scroll box. I have tried to change the type size in styles with no luck. help!

Cheryl.. Do you know what the text 1, text 2, text 3 do? I thought when the first text 1 runs out, it would show or "flip" to the next message but not happening?



Oh Cheryl- now it works.. I figured it out.

The Action Window indicates I have V 1.08 yet I have downloaded and installed V 1.09. Is there something I am doing wrong other than double clicking on the new action or is the version number incorrect that is displayed in the action?

Pasting this as an inline (on a responsive site) results in a JavaScript error.

Hi, I would like to use this action with Freeway Pro 7.1.2 and with the responsive action of Backdraft 2.1, Would that be possible? Greetings, Daphne.

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