Softpress Support (18 September 2008) Fix IE Alt Tags (Page)

Apply this Action to any page to add a blank title tag to any image that doesn’t already have a title tag. This prevents Internet Explorer from incorrectly displaying Alt text as a tooltip.

5 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (7 November 2013) Flexible Image

Action Usage:

275 downloads, 7 comments.

Softpress Support (26 September 2014) Flexible Page

Converts the page width at all breakpoints from a fixed width to a flexible width. To be used in conjunction with the Box Sizing (FW7) Action.

448 downloads, 0 comments.

box model flexible fluid box-sizing

Walter Davis (2 October 2013) Flickrshow

This Action allows you to create an interactive, automatic slideshow from a Flickr end-point. You may use a User ID, a Group number, a Set number, a Gallery ID, or the ID of a person who is shown in a photo. The Flickrshow JavaScript application is written and maintained by Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay. This Action is a thin wrapper around that application, and I encourage you to explore its many other options.

74 downloads, 1 comment.


Softpress Support (23 April 2010) FLV Player

Updated to also target the iPad when iPhone compatibility is turned on.

40 downloads, 1 comment.

Tim Plumb (29 June 2010) Force Download (PHP)

As the title suggests this action uses PHP on the server to force the attached item to be downloaded when the user clicks the link.

100 downloads, 2 comments.

php download force attachments

Paul Dunning (8 November 2011) Form Element CSS

No more boring forms! This Action lets you change the font and colour used in Text Fields and Text Area items. Apply the Action to the item, and make your choices. A live preview will show you what the form element will look like.

98 downloads, 2 comments.

html css form forms web forms

Mike Brackenridge (16 November 2013) Form Element Styler

Apply this action to each form element and set the style options. Handy for field/text area element widths, heights, margin, padding and setting coloured borders or fills for text fields and text areas

187 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript html standards css form forms free style elements

Ian Webb (2 March 2017) Form in DIV/Table

Creates a form tag that wraps the div or table that the action is applied to.

27 downloads, 0 comments.


Walter Davis (6 May 2011) FormFix

This Action patches up a number of things that Freeway gets “wrong” with forms. Applied to a page, it loops through the entire page, finds any form elements, and does the following:

61 downloads, 0 comments.

developer html standards form server

Walter Davis (27 January 2011) FrameBuster

“Bust” your page out of an enclosing frameset. You discover that your site has been trapped in a frame by some unscrupulous person; someone passing your hard work off as your own, perhaps.

11 downloads, 1 comment.


Walter Davis (23 May 2011) FreeCounter2

Draw an instance of this Action onto any page you wish to track with the free FreeCounter2 Web traffic reporting service.

206 downloads, 4 comments.


Walter Davis (22 August 2012) FreezeFormItem

Apply this Action to a form element to cause it to “freeze” to the size defined in your Freeway layout.

91 downloads, 0 comments.

html css forms

Softpress Support (29 January 2009) Full Background

This Page action, by Simon Manning of Softpress, takes a specified image and resizes it to fill the browser window.

127 downloads, 0 comments.

Ian Webb (6 March 2009) Full Background - Proportional

This Page action, based on the one by Simon Manning of Softpress, takes a specified image and resizes it to fill the width of the browser window, but keeps its proportions.

221 downloads, 5 comments.

background image

Paul Dunning (22 October 2008) Gallery Action

The Gallery Action boasts a number of features that will get you publishing Galleries in minutes:

107 downloads, 1 comment.

gallery album images new window

Walter Davis (9 May 2008) Get Firefox

Apply this Action to your page to add a warning message for any IE users.

11 downloads, 2 comments.

joke windows browser

Weaver ~ (5 September 2008) Global Variables - Folder

Once added, all pages (and subfolders and their pages) will be imbued with the magic of Global Variables.

6 downloads, 0 comments.

Weaver ~ (5 September 2008) Global Variables - Item

Allows for addition of Global Variables to an html item or table cell that gives the user the ability to supercede any previously declared definitions.

7 downloads, 0 comments.

Weaver ~ (5 September 2008) Global Variables - Page

Adds the ability to inject [Global Variables]] at the page level.

7 downloads, 0 comments.

Weaver ~ (5 September 2008) Global Variables - Source Code

Unencoded Source of this project. Includes all Actions. May be used in FWPro versions instead of the encoded version, but both will work equally.

9 downloads, 0 comments.

Walter Davis (23 March 2013) GoDaddyHelper

If you are stuck using GoDaddy for hosting, and you are also using the CSS Menus Action, you may have a problem with the Action-provided CSS looking too much like an Apache Include statement. This causes all sorts of havoc on GoDaddy’s not-so-standard servers. This Action, applied to the page, will rewrite any inline CSS to avoid this issue.

27 downloads, 0 comments.

html standards css server

Tim Plumb (27 March 2009) Google Maps Language Patch

Patch the standard Google maps action with this page action to have the map displayed in one of 26 languages.

29 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (22 May 2012) Google Static Map

This simple Action allows you to add static maps based on the Google Maps v2 API.

80 downloads, 0 comments.

Ian Webb (20 December 2016) Hi-res e-mail images

To use high-resolution (Retina) images in HTML e-mails, Outlook needs the height and width to be added as attributes in the img tag. By default, Freeway puts these in CSS - perfect for websites, but no good for HTML e-mails.

23 downloads, 0 comments.

email images retina hi-res