Some discovered properties and controls that may not be publicly documented about the action API. *Note: Since most of these are not ‘officially’ documented by Softpress, they may have the potential of changing at any time.

Parameter Properties

Decimal Places -
Ever wanted to have decimals in your <action-number> fields? Well now you can by following the example below:

<action-number name="testNumbers" real-numbers decimal-places=4/>

Both ‘real-numbers’ and ‘decimal-places’ are needed. Read ‘decimal-places=4’ as ‘number can have up to 4 decimal places’. If not needed, Freeway will not show trailing zeros or unnecessary ‘.0’ after a whole number.

Sliders -
<action-number> fields can also have sliders to provide a bit more visual feedback about values.

<action-number name="testNumbers" minimum=0 maximum=100 slider-width=100/>

You must provide a minimum AND maximum value; slider-width dictates the visual width of the slider, not number of potential values.

Arrows -
Provides a small clickable widget to the right of <action-number> fields:

<action-number name="testNumbers" default=0 arrows/>

Action Properties:

Those properties that influence the final output of an action, triggers or alerts Freeway that the action will generate or needs links/forms/etc…

{coming soon}

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