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Compatible: Pro 5.5 and Pro 6 (2013-04-19) (Downloaded 6 times)


Compatible: Pro 5.5 and Pro 6 (2013-03-27) (Downloaded 5 times)


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  • B.A.M. - Big Area Menus (action) - v. 1.0b

Compatible: Pro 5.5

Author: Tim Plumb

A simple Action to extend the standard CSS Menus Action to allow you to insert B.A.M. sub menus. A Freeway 5.5 Pro file is included as an example.

Currently the action is in beta as certain menu styles can upset the child menu styling. Please provide feedback below.



Great Idea, but successive menu selections need to be in some way aligned to the left of the page, otherwise they just begin to disappear off. A limitation of being reliant on CSS menus to create start point I guess. Like the idea but look forward to practical developments.

Andrew, try using the CSS Sub Menu Positioning Action ( to position each BAM menu in the correct location. I'll see if I can add this to the main Action in the future.

Maybe I just don't get how to set it up, but could you please provide some additional instructions. I have insert the action and selected my CSS menus, but when I preview it in Safari my CSS menus are gone and I don't see the B.A.M. menu either. Thanks

Tim, I am having the same problem Andrew is having. The BAM on the right side of my main menu appears too far to the right of the page. I will try your solution asap.

Tim, the css-sub-menu-position worked well. Check it out at: Roll over the "Portfolio" navigation. I am looking forward to seeing this feature included in the B.A.M. main action.

You created a very interesting Action, Tim. Especially because it has the potential to allow me to finally generate some lovely looking single-column menus, similar to those used at DPreview:

To accomplish that, I would need to apply a background image to the HTML box, in the shape of the menu I want – which in my case is one that has a pointy top. The only problem is that if the text expands it could shoot outside the graphic and look silly.

can I make this work in fray 6?

Bry Owens, I tried it in FWP6 and it did't work. It has a different icon. Other actions aren't stated for v.6 but they work on it. So you have to check the Gear Icon after download, to assure the action works on v.6.

Updated the Action to work with Freeway 6 using Walter's Style Accessors CSS library code. Thanks Walter.

The Action should now work as expected with both Freeway 5.5 and 6 Pro sites.

Hi Tim,

Thanks, the action seems to be working with Freeway 6!

Tim, is it possible to make the first menu item a link as well as a trigger to the BAM?

Version 1.4

Prevented a warning when applying the Action to HTML 5 pages in Freeway Pro 6.

Version 1.5

Added support for BAM menu positioning. (There will be no more versions of this Action tonight!) :-)

Hi Tim,

I'm using BAM1.5 with Freeway 6 and have run into a problem.

I've created two Master pages each with a slightly different BAM Menu setup.

One Master has the BAM menus integrated into a single CSS menu ( With this version the links in the BAM menu links are hidden unless you roll over them and I can't change this effect.

In the other Master, each BAM menu is embedded into its own CSS menu ( and in this instance the links are shown and function as desired.

Any ideas on what is happening and how I might get the links to show and function as required?



Hi Roy, What you are seeing is a problem with style inheritance. The newly moved BAM item is inheriting the styles from the new parent menu. It doesn't happen in the second example because the parent menu style isn't conflicting with the child. I've experimented with ways around this and may have a solution that I hope to incorporate in the next version of the Action. Until then try and make your BAM menu items tables rather than lists (or other CSS menu items) if you can. Regards, Tim.

Hi Tim,

Yes, it appears that the BAM menu children are inheriting the parent CSS Menu Action Main Menu Settings styles rather than than the Sub Menu Settings.

My BAM menu children already consist of tables in HTML Items. The various table cells contain HTML Items with the relevant text (and links - some lists some not). In either link instance, the CSS Menu Action Main Menu Settings styles are prevailing.

So when you suggest that I try to make my BAM menu items tables rather than lists, do you mean that I should dispense with the HTML Items that contain the tables? Or, is there something else that I should be doing?

I'm pretty green at this and appreciate your assistance.



Hello Tim,

Is this compatible with version 7 Freeway at all? If not then is there an alternative way to achieve the same effect? many thanks


Hi Anthony,

Yes the Action will work with Freeway 7 although your BAM items will need to be a fixed (or minimum) width. With flexible width BAMs they will only ever expand to fit the parent menu width.

Regards, Tim

I had this working on my site but when I was checking unrelated changes on my iPhone I noticed that the menu icon was visible but inactive. I checked in my desktop browser and as I shrunk the menu the icon appeared and worked. the site is

Forgot to mention Freeway Pro 7 on El Capitan

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