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  • Clearfix (item-action) - v. 0.3b
  • Clearfix (page-action) - v. 0.3b
  • Clearfix (folder-action) - v. 0.3b

Compatible: Pro 5 and Pro 5.5

Author: Tim Plumb

Clearfix are item, page and folder Actions that correct a common browser issue where divs (layer items) that contain floated content will collapse rather than display at the height of the largest child item.

Each Action will automatically add styles to the page allowing the browser preview to match the design view within Freeway for these items.

Either apply the Action to the parent layer item, page or folder.


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There is another simpler way of doing this. Simply set the 'Overflow' setting on the outer div (in the example, 'green' and 'green1') to 'Hidden'. The will work in all browsers, and in 99% of cases, not cause any other problems. In the 1% of cases where inner items (like drop-down navigation or FaceBook 'like' buttons) need to overflow the parent container (and with overflow set to hidden get cropped) use a solution like this, or drop in a fourth div as the last item in the outer div (so, after the right-hand one) with no height or width specified, and the 'Clear' set to 'Both'.

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