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Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Tim Plumb

Create animated rollovers using nothing more than CSS3.

Options include setting:

  • The initial image size & opacity.
  • The rollover image opacity and the transition properties including duration, rotation angle and direction.

Although best viewed in Safari 4 the rollovers also degrade nicely in other browsers and still show the image sizing albeit without the transitions.



Hi, I am looking for an action that lights-up an image for a split second on a mouse over. Now I have to make a gif animation for every thumbnail. It is quite a lot of work this way. I think it is a nice effect, perhaps it is possible to implement this in CSS3 roll-over. Or maybe an existing action (i dont know of) does the trick. This is what I mean, just mouse over the thumbnails. Thanks, Erik

Tested with FW Pro 6. Compatible.

will this work on 7 freeway?

Hi Bryan,

Yes it does work with Freeway 7.

I can't seem to be able to update the Freeway version number without adding a new update to the Action file. When I next update the Action I'll revise the list of versions of Freeway it works with.

hello Tim,

each time i try to upload this action it automatically goes to Final Cut Pro, I'm installing it like any other action I have in the past. I'm I doing something wrong?


Do you mean install the Action rather than upload it?

I've had a similar issue in the past where Actions would open in Numbers when double-clicked. Simply drop the Action on the Freeway application icon to install it rather than double-clicking or opening the Action file.

To resolve the issue select the Action file and choose File > Get Info in the Finder. In the resulting dialog box select your version of Freeway to open the file. Now if you open the Action file it should open with Freeway rather than Final Cut Pro (or whatever application).

Hi Tim, can you help please. I'm going round the twist here. Since I upgraded to Pro (at the same time as upgrading to a new iMac) I seem to have lost my rollover action. So, I have downloaded CSS3 from here and have tried every way possible to get it into Freeway. (I have latest version).

I have tried all of your tips above, and it does tell me it is being installed. In fact, it now tells me that it is overwriting an existing action. However, it just is not in my Actions list. I have tried relaunching Freeway. I have even tried a complete restart of my Mac, followed by a restart of Freeway. It just is not there.

Can you help please? Ahhhhhhhhgggggg! Thanks. Graham

Hi again

It's okay, thanks, I've found it. It is under the Insert tab, rather than the Insert tab where I have gone previously.

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