Versions (2012-11-14) (Downloaded 331 times)


Compatible: Pro 5.5 (2012-10-29) (Downloaded 22 times)


  • Exhibeo Extras (page-action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 5.5

Author: Tim Plumb

Exhibeo Extras is a very simple page Action that adds extra functionality to Exhibeo galleries in your Freeway sites.


  • Added support for keyboard navigation when viewing an Exhibeo gallery. Simply press the left or right arrow key to move through the gallery or the escape key to close it. The Action can be used with either the Bloxx, Focus or Impress Exhibeo themes.

  • Added support for auto starting Bloxx and Focus galleries after a specified delay. The Action will automatically find and open the first Bloxx or Focus gallery found on the page.

The Action should be applied to the page the Exhibeo gallery is on using the Page > Actions > Exhibeo Extras menu item.


Is this version compatible with Freeway Pro 7 Thinking of purchasing Exhibeo…any help appreciated. Maxine

Yes. This action works with Freeway Pro 7 in my case.

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