Force_Download.fwaction (2010-06-29) (Downloaded 115 times)


  • Force Download (PHP) (item-action) - v. 1.0
  • Force Download (PHP) (action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 4 and Pro 5

Author: Tim Plumb

php download force attachments

As the title suggests this action uses PHP on the server to force the attached item to be downloaded when the user clicks the link. Typically the user’s browser will decide what to do with any given file type and will either display it in the browser window, hand it over to a plug-in to deal with in the browser, download the file and hand it over to helper application on the user’s machine or simply download the file. The PHP created by this action will force the browser to accept the file as a download regardless of how it would normally handle these files. For example you can use the action to easily force download PDF files that would normally display in the browser.

The item action allows you to create standard text links that when clicked will download the associated file. The included item action allows you to attach the action to any image (passthrough or otherwise) and use this as a link to your download file.


Am I doing something wrong? I created a simple graphic roll over and applied this action to it. When I uploaded the site, Freeway did copy the PDF I intend to force users to download in the folder. Once online, when I hit the download button, a message with page not found is displayed. Please help.

hi i am having the same problem.any help?

Is there a version compatible with version 7 or another way to achieve the same forced download of a pdf?

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