Image Guardian (2013-04-07) (Downloaded 53 times)


Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Pro 6, Express 4, Express 5, Express 5.5, and Express 6

Author: Tim Plumb

The Image Guardian Action applies certain rules to the selected image item to make it harder for the web page viewer to download a copy of the image.

Although the only real solution to preventing users from copying restricted images is to simply not place them on the web in the first place this Action will make the process a lot harder.

For full list of features please click on the demo link to the right.


$15.00 Purchase


Am wanting to have this at the same time I am about to switch to Freeway 7. Will it be compatible?

I would like to find a picture on the demo-site that I could NOT download - might bebe a good idea to show what your action can really do? It seems to be easy to download pictures in the firefox browser, even when you can't drag and drop or right klick a.s.o. So I would like to find out what the action really does!

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