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  • Placeholder image (item-action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 5 and Pro 5.5

Author: Tim Plumb

This Action allows you to quickly add placeholder image content to your Freeway designs. There are two types of placeholder; basic and photo. Basic placeholders allow you to create a dummy image showing the image size and a chosen string of text. Photo placeholders use the web service LoremPixum to render either color or greyscale images from one of several categories.

Using the Action:

Attach the Action to any non-passthrough graphic and set the options in the Actions palette. When using photo placeholders a live internet connection is required while designing in Freeway (to fetch the images from the remote server) but once the page is published Freeway will make a copy in your own resources folder locally.

When you have real images to replace the placeholders simply import your images into the picture boxes as normal. Passthrough images will disable the attached Action and non-passthrough images will overlay the placeholder image. For best results remove the Action when no longer needed.


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Hi Tim!

Any chance this action could be updated to allow for retina graphics?

Cheers, Ian.

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