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  • Responsive Video (action) - v. 1.6.1

Compatible: Pro 7 (2016-01-29) (Downloaded 419 times)


  • Responsive Video (action) - v. 1.5

Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7 (2016-01-25) (Downloaded 59 times)


  • Responsive Video (action) - v. 1.4

Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7

Responsive Video (2016-01-25) (Downloaded 13 times)


Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7 (2015-11-05) (Downloaded 142 times)


  • Responsive Video (action) - v. 1.2

Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7 (2015-10-28) (Downloaded 44 times)


  • Responsive Video (action) - v. 1.1

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Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7

Author: Tim Plumb

The Responsive Video Action is the easiest way to add hosted video content to your responsive Freeway pages.

Simply insert the Action item (Insert > Actions > Responsive Video) where you want the video to appear in your inline layout and select the options you want from the Actions palette (Window > Actions).

The Action allows you to easily add the video ID from YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion as well as select if you want it to auto play when the page first loads. Lastly you can choose if you want to display the video in a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio format.


Version 1.03 - Fixed a bug where debugging code would get run by mistake when publishing a site.

Thanks for this. Works great.

Will this action work using Wistia video ?

Version 1.04 - Fixed a bug where the video would display clipped if the block of text it was embedded in was set to align other than left.

Thanks to Caleb Grove for pointing that one out and for providing the fix.

@David Lawrence - The Action currently doesn't support Wistia videos.

Need some help – the embedded video that comes with the action – can't get my url to embed - Cheryl

@Cheryl What are you entering into the Action exactly?

You need to add the video ID rather than the URL of the page that the video is on on YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion. The video ID is just part of the main URL.

here is what I'm entering –


The ID for that video is going to be _B3bf5IsZNE

Enter just the ID into the Action and you'll be set. Oh, and the format looks like 16:9 so set this in the Action too.

Thank You – I knew it would something simple appreciate your help– Cheryl

I need help. I'm getting "blocked plug-in" and an Audi video keeps uploading instead of mine.

this is a great action, is there a chance it can be changed so it can take other links IE dropbox links and gmail links,

heres my site !

when you click on a video file it opens a new window but it would be better if it was embedded ? forgive me if there is an other option i havnt updated freeway for so long and the last site was make in FW 5 or 6 i think ?

Does the action (which is super great, by the way) allow for embedding an entire playlist instead of just one video from that playlist?

I've just released version 1.1 of the Action which now accepts both the video ID as well as the full URL of the hosted video. Several users were having issues with errors generated from adding full URLs to the video rather than just the video ID.

The Action now accepts both the ID and full URL of the video.

Dear Tim,

I've trouble with Your latest version: Using firefox the Video ID receives an extension with"/", that means the Video embed code field contains C1-7K-fkn5c - and Chrome as well as Safari show up fine, but Firefox receives the link with the slash and thererfore cannot find the video.

Also if i use the whole embed link (in this very case in the embed code field, i get an error.

Would you please check

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the message.

I'm not sure I understand what the issue is here. I've tested your page and the Action in FireFox and they both appear fine. I can see that you are using the short URL for the video which version 1.1 of the Action doesn't support and that the full URL also contains a query string I hadn't anticipated.

I've updated the Action (version 1.2) to accept various forms of the video ID and clean away any unused references in the URLs.

You can now use;

  1. The full url of the video -
  2. The short URL of the video -
  3. Or just the video ID itself - C1-7K-fkn5c

I hope this helps.

Hi Tim, Is it possible to ad a "allowfullscreen" attribute to the action. If so, many Thanks!

"Allowfullscreen" is not working in Safari and Chrome.

Check: Website is still under construction.

Hi all.. I am also having a problem with allow full screen with this new version… the error message says full screen not available.. any fix for this.. ? thx Carla

Version 1.4

Corrected support for full screen video playback. The Action specifies that the video should be able to playback at full screen but often the browser will have the final say in that matter so, for example, Safari may display the full screen button regardless of this value.

Yes, it's working now!!!! Thank you very much, Tim!!!

Thank YOU TIM!!

Hi guys… ok I installed the update action in the library and even reapplied the video but it does not work in either safari and chrome.. these videos were able to go full screen in the past.. I wonder if you could take a look.. thx Carla here is link

In the Action-palet you should clic-on: Allow Fullscreen

Ha!! Thx I'll have s look I did not know to look

Hey Tim.. Im happy to report that all my You tube videos can go full screen now but the Vimeo videos don't have the option to allow full screen .. Please advise and many thanks C

Version 1.5

Fixed an issue where the full screen option would be hidden for Vimeo or Daily Motion videos. The setting would still take effect but was just hidden.

Please note that my tests show that Daily Motion tends to disregard the full screen option regardless of the setting you make. Is anyone using this provider?

that is wonderful Tim thx Ill post it on the forum.. really appreciate this and it works great. I have not used Daily Motion. thx Carla


Using V1.5, on Pro 7.1.1 with Vimeo as host

I'm getting an "oops- this embed code is not valid" when I click the auto play option in the Action Menu to "Yes". I've tried both enabling and disabling autoplay on the Vimeo side, same result. Any suggestions? Thanks.


I have changed my website from http to https. The video's are now blocked by the browser. If I look at the code the action generates a unsecure iframe (http://youtube….). Is this correct? What can I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance for your support Richard

The Action is just a text file. If you open it up and read it (in a programmer's text editor like the free and powerful TextWrangler from <>), you can locate all the instances of http in the code and remove them. (Yes, really.)

You will be left with an Action that can create so-called "protocol-less" URLs, which begin with the // double slash. When your browser sees those, it will fill in whatever the surrounding protocol is, either http or https before attempting to follow the URLs. The only place where this will utterly fail is when you are previewing locally, in either Freeway's Preview or Preview in Browser modes. When you test from your server (like a pro) you will see the iframe and its content without issue.

Hi guys and hello Walter, I am trying to embed a VIMEO file on my website but is is not working at all. I have tried with the vimeo file number alone, with the whole embed code, with parts of it… no success. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

Hello guys.

I have two questions on this: 1. How do I stop related videos from showing on YouTube embedded videos using this action? 2. How do I setup the video to loop on the page using this action? Thanks

Comment awaiting moderation.

Version 1.6.1 now has an option to select https (secure) connections.

If your page is served over a secure connection then select the checkbox to ensure videos are also displayed using the same protocol.

Am trying this with videos from Vimeo, but it says the embed code is invalid. I am new to Vimeo and wonder if Vimeo has changed the format of their embed code since you wrote the action? The embed code works in a regular window, but of course, it is not Responsive. Is there any help for this problem?

Good Morning everybody. Looks like I am not able to download this Action properly. All I do get is a Textfile and my Mac does not recognize this being an Action. This happens with any version on this site. Other Actions are loaded perfectly. Anybody can help? Thanks for your help!

Actions are just text files. Try dragging the file over the Freeway icon in your Dock and dropping it there. Freeway should recognize it, even if the Finder has not. If that doesn’t work, try clicking on the file once in the Finder (so it is selected) and then choose File / Get Info from the main menu. In the panel, check the file name extension. Older Actions may have the act3 extension. Change that to fwaction. You can then use the “Open this file with” part of the panel to choose Freeway as the correct application, if it doesn’t snap to that automatically.


OK, this worked out fine. Thank you Walter.

Now I have a project where the Film should start automatically on page load which works good on pc and Mac but it won't start automatically on tablet or phone. Is there a way to make it start on a tablet as well?

I don't know about Android, but iOS specifically forbids a page to start playing video. This is done to preserve data for the user.

Ok, I suspected something like this. Thanks a lot again. You saved my weekend.

Hey all I had the same problem as Richard has .. the website I worked on months ago is now a SSL https and even though I inserted the vimeos links url as https://vimeo….. the source code displays the link as http:// so all videos are blocked.. what can I do to fix this? thx much….

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