Versions (2012-08-23) (Downloaded 359 times)


Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Pro 6, Express 5, Express 5.5, and Express 6 (2011-09-09) (Downloaded 3 times)


Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Express 5, and Express 5.5 (2011-08-24) (Downloaded 0 times)


  • Vimeo (action) - v. 1.3

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Express 5, and Express 5.5 (2011-02-28) (Downloaded 0 times)


Compatible: Pro 5 and Express 5 (2010-08-17) (Downloaded 1 time)


  • Vimeo (action) - v. 1.0b
  • Viddyou (action) - v. 1.0b

Compatible: Pro 5 and Express 5

Author: Tim Plumb

Add Vimeo ( video content to your Freeway web pages.

To use the action simply add it to your page (Page > Actions > Vimeo). A Vimeo preview box will appear on the page where you can adjust the size to suit your design.

Locate the video you want to display on the Vimeo web site and make a note of the movie number displayed in the page URL. For example the video on the page has a movie number of 30376094. Paste this number into the movie number field in the actions palette (Window > Actions).

Using the settings in the palette you can also choose what color to display the Vimeo interface in as well as options like autoplay and looping.


hey… thanks :) for that vimeo action, but unfortunately it crashes my freeway everytime i'm using it… :(

Hi Nicolas, What version of Freeway are you using? The action makes a lot of use of the live preview for the item on the page which, I suspect, is bringing your application to it's knees. I'll update the action so that the live preview is an option. Regards, Tim.

Hi Tim, i'm using the 5.4.2 and the 5.5.0 preview (since a few days) and the action crashes on the 2 versions…anyway thanks for your quick response :)

OOOPS… i don't know why exactly but it works well now on FW 5.5.0, thanks !

Ah, that was a Flash bug that has now been fixed.

Please try the rewritten version 1.2. The video should now work on iOS devices as well as having a pretty preview in Freeway.

Version 1.3 - Removed the need for the Action to force update the preview allowing it to work (without error) in Freeway 5.

Version 1.4 - Added back in support for Freeway Express that was missing in version 1.3.

I tried to add this action to Freeway 5.6.3 by dropping it on the Freeway icon in the dock. The action does end up in my username/library/Application Support/Freeway 5/Actions/General folder but I cannot find it in the edit actions list.

Version 1.5 - Fixed an issue where the Action would sometimes throw a JavaScript error.

I have installed v1.5 of the action but although it is in correct folder, username/library/Application Support/Freeway 5/Actions/General it does not show up in the actions list. Any suggestions ?

FW 5.6.5 & Vimeo action 1.5

I just switched to Vimeo for a major project, and this action saved the day for importing into my website. Thanks for making it available. Seems to work very well with the Freeway Pro 6.03.

I find this action very useful, is there a way to pass a parameter to the action. I want to allow my website visitors to click on a thumbnail and then have the chosen video play in a bigger window.

Hi Al, Not at the moment, no. You could try using the Spawn New Window Action to open a lightbox overlay that contains an iFrame to the video contained on another page.

Tim, Thanks for your instant response. Yes that would be an great way to do it. I was looking at Joe Workman's Vimeo wall stack for Rapidweaver, and wanted to create something similar.

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