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The original source for third party Freeway Actions for Freeway Pro and Freeway Express. With over ten years experience in developing and marketing custom actions for Freeway users are ideally suited to providing industry ready workflow solutions for your web projects.

Check out just some of our work at including the popular Anti Spam, Image Guardian, Mals E-Commerce Suite, and PHP Feedback Form actions.

30 Actions

Tim Plumb (26 October 2011) Swiffy

Swiffy from Google is a free online service that allows you to convert Flash SWFs into HTML 5 & JavaScript animations.

42 downloads, 1 comment.

Tim Plumb (17 September 2014) Target Show/Hide Layer Extras

Target Show/Hide Layer Extras is a simple page Action (Page > Actions > Target Show/Hide Layer Extras) that allows you to change the standard fade effect found in the stock Target Show/Hide Layer Action for one of of a number of other effects.

341 downloads, 1 comment.

layers target transition show hide

Tim Plumb (19 April 2013) Text Selection Color

Use CSS to change the color of the text selection. The Action allows you to specify the selection as well as text color.

43 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (23 August 2012) Vimeo

Add Vimeo ( video content to your Freeway web pages.

349 downloads, 15 comments.

Tim Plumb (15 May 2014) WebTicker

WebTicker is a simple action that can be applied to any standard layered html box and have the content automatically scrolled like a news ticker. The scrolling is automatically stopped when the user mouses over the text and restarts when they mouse out.

416 downloads, 13 comments.