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The original source for third party Freeway Actions for Freeway Pro and Freeway Express. With over ten years experience in developing and marketing custom actions for Freeway users are ideally suited to providing industry ready workflow solutions for your web projects.

Check out just some of our work at including the popular Anti Spam, Image Guardian, Mals E-Commerce Suite, and PHP Feedback Form actions.

30 Actions

Tim Plumb (13 March 2009) Action Master

Action Master is a ‘proof of concept’ action that allows users to control other actions from one single action interface. If you’ve completed a site using an action and have set the action’s parameters up exactly to how you want them only to have the client change his mind then this action may just save the day. Simply attach the action to the home page of your site, select the action you wish to target, and then select the control you want to change. Both the existing value will be displayed as well as blank field for the new value. Click the ‘Replace’ button to update the values in all found actions.

58 downloads, 4 comments.

Tim Plumb (10 July 2008) Anti Spam

Protect your mailto links from being harvested by spambots with the Anti Spam Action from

135 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (1 February 2012) audio.js

This Action uses the audio.js library to place MP3 audio players on your site. It uses the HTML5 audio tag if available or falls back to using Flash if not.

319 downloads, 14 comments.

Tim Plumb (19 April 2013) B.A.M - Big Area Menus

A simple Action to extend the standard CSS Menus Action to allow you to insert B.A.M. sub menus.

368 downloads, 20 comments.

Tim Plumb (25 June 2010) CD Autorun

The CD Autorun page action allows you to add your HTML site to a CD or DVD and have the home page automatically open when the disk is inserted into a Windows based computer.

20 downloads, 1 comment.

Tim Plumb (25 July 2012) Clearfix

Clearfix are item, page and folder Actions that correct a common browser issue where divs (layer items) that contain floated content will collapse rather than display at the height of the largest child item.

56 downloads, 1 comment.

Tim Plumb (21 May 2012) Cookies info

This is a very simple inline Action that displays information about cookies and how they are used. The content comes from and is reproduced under the Open Govenment Licence.

139 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (26 March 2009) CSS3 Rollover

Create animated rollovers using nothing more than CSS3.

360 downloads, 8 comments.

Tim Plumb (14 November 2012) Exhibeo Extras

Exhibeo Extras is a very simple page Action that adds extra functionality to Exhibeo galleries in your Freeway sites.

366 downloads, 2 comments.

Tim Plumb (22 May 2013) Externalize

Externalize is a page Action that attempts to do one thing - to make your HTML code as clean and clutter-free as it can. To achieve this it trawls through your Freeway pages looking for both CSS styles and JavaScript to extract from the page and link back in an external file.

147 downloads, 7 comments.

Tim Plumb (29 June 2010) Force Download (PHP)

As the title suggests this action uses PHP on the server to force the attached item to be downloaded when the user clicks the link.

119 downloads, 3 comments.

php download force attachments

Tim Plumb (27 March 2009) Google Maps Language Patch

Patch the standard Google maps action with this page action to have the map displayed in one of 26 languages.

37 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (22 May 2012) Google Static Map

This simple Action allows you to add static maps based on the Google Maps v2 API.

112 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Image Guardian

The Image Guardian Action applies certain rules to the selected image item to make it harder for the web page viewer to download a copy of the image.

53 downloads, 2 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Mals E-Commerce Suite

The Mals E-Commerse Suite of Actions for Freeway is a collection of easy to use yet powerful tools to allow you to set up shop with Freeway quickly and easily.

131 downloads, 3 comments.

Tim Plumb (25 June 2010) Mark of the Web

The Mark of the Web folder action adds a comment at the top of every web page that stops Internet Explorer from complaining about scripts on the page when the page is viewed locally (rather than on a web server).

15 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (1 April 2011) Meta Plus

The Meta Plus page Action provides a framework that allows you to easily add commonly used meta data to your pages.

165 downloads, 3 comments.

Tim Plumb (21 December 2009) PHP Feedback Form

The easiest way to create powerful, secure and flexible feedback forms for Freeway.

327 downloads, 25 comments.

Tim Plumb (4 September 2012) PHP Feedback Form Recipients List

This Action allows users to specify who gets the resulting email. Simply attach this Action to a Menu/List item that lists the department names and email addresses.

37 downloads, 2 comments.

Tim Plumb (3 October 2011) Placeholder Image

This Action allows you to quickly add placeholder image content to your Freeway designs. There are two types of placeholder; basic and photo.

38 downloads, 1 comment.

Tim Plumb (9 March 2009) Redirect Between Dates

The Redirect Between Dates action allows you to specify up to ten event dates and have the user redirected to specific locations depending on when they visit.

19 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (9 May 2014) Responsive CSS Menu - Show Current Page

This is a bit of a patch for the Responsive CSS Menu Action until it can be updated. This Action, when applied to the same element as the Responsive CSS Menu Action, will apply a class of active to any links that point to the current page. This allows you to manually create a class style (.active) with the style of the current menu item.

312 downloads, 30 comments.

Tim Plumb (19 June 2017) Responsive Video

The Responsive Video Action is the easiest way to add hosted video content to your responsive Freeway pages.

1631 downloads, 40 comments.

Tim Plumb (10 April 2013) Showcase Extras

This first version of the Showcase Extras Action allows you to easily extent the standard Showcase Action that ships with Freeway 5.5 to allow you to add image gallery watermarks as well as change the visual style of the controls.

301 downloads, 6 comments.

Tim Plumb (10 November 2010) Simplify ImageMaps

Simplify Freeway’s HTML by replacing imagemaps with simple links where possible.

19 downloads, 0 comments.