Softpress Support (19 December 2014) YouTube

Add a YouTube movie to your web page.

919 downloads, 14 comments.

youtube you tube movie video

Walter Davis (13 March 2013) SublimePlayer

Use the fabulous SublimePlayer to post HTML5 video (and bonus – convert your page to valid HTML5).

86 downloads, 3 comments.

commercial video html 5

Walter Davis (17 November 2013) VideoJS

Cross-platform HTML5 video with the open-source VideoJS player. Falls back to Flash for the geriatric browsers in your life. Plays with a consistent user interface on any browser or platform.

161 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript video html 5

Walter Davis (11 October 2014) VideoBackground

Use an HTML5 Video tag as the background to your page. This will work in modern browsers, and falls back to a static image in older or non-standard browsers.

732 downloads, 5 comments.

animation video html 5