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  • Code Buddy (page-action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, and Pro 5

Author: Walter Davis

template html server

Code Buddy is a page action that simplifies working with external markup items in your Freeway pages. It allows you to easily add external markup to your pages while retaining the power and vestility of your code or text editor.

Apply the action to a page using the Page>Actions…>Code Buddy menu option. The action offers ten file ‘slots’ where external files can be incorporated into your Freeway page. Simply select a file and choose where in the HTML the file’s code should be inserted (Before HTML, After HTML, Before HEAD, etc). If you need to edit the code you’ve attached to the page with the action simply click on the associated Edit button and the file will open in your text editor ready for modification. When the file is saved Freeway automatically updates the page with the modified code meaning you can round-trip quickly and easily.

At the bottom of the actions palette you can specify how the code is applied to the page using the Attachment menu.

The options are;

  • Insert file’s content - this will extract the code from the extrnal file and inject it into the page at the desired location in the HTML,
  • Server side include - add the code as a regular server side include
  • JavaScript include - use JavaScript to link to the external file
  • JavaScript insert - wrap the code in a standard JavaScript block
  • PHP include - include the extrnal file as a regular PHP file
  • PHP insert - wrap the code in a standard PHP block

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Great Tool…Best Carsten

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