Tim Plumb (13 March 2009) Action Master

Action Master is a ‘proof of concept’ action that allows users to control other actions from one single action interface. If you’ve completed a site using an action and have set the action’s parameters up exactly to how you want them only to have the client change his mind then this action may just save the day. Simply attach the action to the home page of your site, select the action you wish to target, and then select the control you want to change. Both the existing value will be displayed as well as blank field for the new value. Click the ‘Replace’ button to update the values in all found actions.

58 downloads, 4 comments.

Softpress Support (22 October 2010) Add Code

Add code to your page and see a live preview in Freeway. This works in the same way as the Insert Markup Item feature in Freeway but attempts to render the code inserted in a live preview.

148 downloads, 1 comment.

Walter Davis (11 December 2013) Add Selector

If you are creating an external style sheet using CSSEdit or another stylesheet editor, you might become impatient with Freeway’s lack of classnames and weak support for IDs within its interface. The Extended dialog can help you add these, but it’s torturous to use. This action will allow you to apply a classname and/or an ID to nearly any element of a Freeway page.

115 downloads, 3 comments.

javascript html css code

max fancourt (8 August 2011) Advance Inline Style Mover

The general description of what this actions does is…

59 downloads, 3 comments.

developer cms template javascript css commercial softpress server prototype content management open-source background image inline

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) AjaxFileListing

Create a linked list of files from a directory on your server using this Action. Requires PHP on your server and JavaScript in the browser, but falls back gracefully if JavaScript is disabled.

76 downloads, 28 comments.

prototype forms content management

Walter Davis (18 June 2016) Anonymous

This Action removes the IDs from any elements (and their children) to which it is attached.

122 downloads, 4 comments.

cms template content management

Tim Plumb (10 July 2008) Anti Spam

Protect your mailto links from being harvested by spambots with the Anti Spam Action from FreewayActions.com.

135 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (1 February 2012) audio.js

This Action uses the audio.js library to place MP3 audio players on your site. It uses the HTML5 audio tag if available or falls back to using Flash if not.

319 downloads, 14 comments.

Softpress Support (13 April 2015) Auto Clearfix

This Page Action automatically applies a clearfix to all unfloated parents with floated children, preventing the parent’s height from collapsing.

946 downloads, 4 comments.

inline box-model inflow floats

Softpress Support (23 February 2009) Auto Link

Automatically and speedily, create links on your page without using the Hyperlink dialog.

62 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (19 April 2013) B.A.M - Big Area Menus

A simple Action to extend the standard CSS Menus Action to allow you to insert B.A.M. sub menus.

368 downloads, 20 comments.

Softpress Support (29 August 2008) Background Fade

Fade your page background between two colours after the page has loaded.

111 downloads, 3 comments.

Softpress Support (3 December 2015) Background Supersizer

An Action for creating a full page backgrounds with slideshow features.

1252 downloads, 45 comments.

Ian Webb (8 March 2013) Base HREF

Inserts a Base href tag to allow templated pages to be transferred to from 404 pages.

24 downloads, 0 comments.

cms template content management base

Softpress Support (22 May 2015) Box Sizing (FW7)

This Action is specifically for Freeway 7, for Freeway 6, use this Action

733 downloads, 0 comments.

box model responsive flexible fluid border-box

Walter Davis (12 January 2013) BreakPoint

This Action will allow you to redirect to alternate pages or sites based on the maximum width of the browser’s screen. If you have designed a mobile site, and want to redirect to it in any narrow browser (not just an iPhone or iPad) then this Action will do that for you.

152 downloads, 1 comment.

html css mobile responsive

Walter Davis (26 July 2012) BrowserUpdate

Page and Folder Action to insert the Browser Update service JavaScript into your pages. Visitors with an older browser will be gently reminded to upgrade.

61 downloads, 2 comments.

javascript browser

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Walter Davis (8 May 2012) CalendarView

Apply this Action to a text field to make an easy popup calendar for choosing dates. Based on http://calendarview.org and includes Prototype (so no MooTools on the same page).

195 downloads, 16 comments.

developer css form prototype variable open-source lgpl date-and-time

Walter Davis (22 January 2013) CalendarView2

This is a new version of CalendarView, updated under the hood to streamline your page and make it load faster.

206 downloads, 2 comments.

developer form server prototype variable open-source lgpl date-and-time

Walter Davis (30 January 2013) Carousel

This Action allows you to create the effect popularized on the Coda Web site. Clicking on a control causes a portion of the page to “slide” either horizontally or vertically to reveal a new part of the layout.

520 downloads, 35 comments.

developer javascript effects coda animation

Walter Davis (21 March 2018) Carousel 2

Update March 2018

1258 downloads, 11 comments.

developer javascript css effects prototype coda animation scriptaculous

Paul Dunning (15 November 2010) Caxton

For too long now have web designers been held back by the dull and repetitive collection of fonts that have been deemed “web safe”. It’s made the internate a typographically dull, and given that most designers have collections of fonts, it seems criminal that they cannot be used for anything other than images.

177 downloads, 0 comments.

html fonts html text typeface typography

Tim Plumb (25 June 2010) CD Autorun

The CD Autorun page action allows you to add your HTML site to a CD or DVD and have the home page automatically open when the disk is inserted into a Windows based computer.

20 downloads, 1 comment.