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  • CSS Menu Input Name (Responsive) (item-action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 7

Author: max fancourt

css navigation responsive

In Freeway 7 the CSS Menu Action gives you the opportunity create a responsive menu, It does this by swopping out an input checkbox with a graphic of your choice. Unfortunately there is a certain attribute missing from that html output and thats the name of the input item. If you were then to use an application such as forms to go on that page it will throw up an error due to the checkbox’s lack of name.

This is what the output looks like normally:
<div id="menu"><input type="checkbox" id="fwNav1-toggle">

and after you have applied the action to the menu, the output will be published like this:
<div id="menu"><input type="checkbox" id="fwNav1-toggle" name="fwmenu">

What this action does is gives you the ability to add a name of your choice to the input checkbox.
Just apply it to any CSS Menu responsive navigation menu and the action will do the the rest.
I am assuming this won’t be needed for too long as I would have thought this will be fixed in the next release of Freeway, but in the mean time if you need it this will fix the problem.


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