Gallery Action (2008-10-22) (Downloaded 120 times)


  • Gallery (item-action) - v. 1.4.4

Compatible: Pro 4 and Pro 5

Author: Paul Dunning

gallery album images new window

The Gallery Action boasts a number of features that will get you publishing Galleries in minutes:

Single Image Selection - select just one image from a folder of JPEGs, Photoshop files, TIFFs or PNGs (or any combination), and the Gallery Action will grab all the images in that folder, up to a limit of 250 images per gallery (Gallery Lite is restricted to 25 images per gallery).

Themes - much like the Text Box Decoration Action, the Gallery Action ships with a selection of themes - which can be used to frame your thumbnails.

Auto Page Generation - set up one page, and the Action will create code to switch between pages of images.

Picture Tweaks - tweak your images so that your thumbnails and larger images always look their best.

Built with a Table - simply draw a table on your Freeway page, apply the Action, select your image and let Gallery (or Gallery Lite) do it’s work.

iPhoto Integration - Mac OSX users can select iPhoto as a soruce of images. Your photos will be copied from iPhoto into a folder next top your Freeway project. All you have to do is build the Gallery and publish!

Rollovers – Make your images change colour when the mouse rolls over it!


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