HTML5_Block_Link.fwaction (2016-01-25) (Downloaded 181 times)


  • HTML5 Block Link (item-action) - v. 0.2.3

Compatible: Pro 5.5, Pro 6, and Pro 7

HTML5_Block_Link.fwaction (2014-05-16) (Downloaded 153 times)


  • HTML5 Block Link (item-action) - v. 0.2.1

Compatible: Pro 6

Author: Walter Davis

html 5

Apply a link directly to an HTML item in Freeway 6. The HTML5 specification allows you to wrap an HTML item with a link, like this:

<a href="example.html">
  <div id="item42">
    <p>Some content here.</p>

Apply this Action to the HTML item, and set the link and any extra attributes for the link using the Actions palette interface.


At last. Thank you Walter.

Just pushed an update that works around an apparent Actions API bug. Links to pages in folders are now possible.

Can we get this to work with Anchor links too?

How are you making the anchor link? This should just work, no matter what you put in the URL field.

just through the pop ups - select other, then internal etc through the action window - it goes to the webpage but no the anchor link which is further down - click icons on my homepage - they should go to each relevant anchor on the linking page but dont

Try adding the link manually. Note the ID of the element you wish to link to, then enter that as #theID in the URL field, with nothing else around it. So if your element had the Name/ID field set to details in the Inspector, you would click on the External tab, and type precisely #details in the URL field and okay out of the Hyperlink dialog.

Yep that worked… the Pop way does not - a little note to all

Hi Walter

it is possible to add also a "rel" field into your action?

For example is useful when we build a photogallery like fancybox.

Thanks a lot!

I'm not where this type of link would be requires? Could you give an example of its use?

Typically in FW you cannot apply a link to an HTML container only text or graphics within it.

This action allows you to apply a link to the entire item.

Yes, I know. I was wondering in what circumstances would one need to apply a link to the whole html item, rather than to text of graphics. I was looking for an example of that.

Moreover, would a user expect a HTML block to be clickable, and how would one know without mousing over it?

Not need - want.

Mainly for styling purposes or creating html item link.

Here is a quick example -

Would you know without mousing over - entirely up to you if you want an item with a link to be styled differently. Only text links with default browser styling are obvious without mousing over.

Actions are all about enhancements - there are no actions that cannot be replaced with code, they just make it easier for the user to apply.


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