InlineBlock.fwaction (2012-04-13) (Downloaded 43 times)


  • Inline Block (item-action) - v. 0.1

Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, and Pro 5.5

Author: Walter Davis

developer template

This Action allows you to set the display attribute of the element you apply it to to inline-block. This is a useful way to create “liquid” layouts, where block elements can wrap like text within a flexible container element.

Another way to get this layout is with the Float attribute, but that brings with it some odd behavior, and requires a completely inline layout in order to force other page elements to respect the boundaries of those floated elements.


This action is in serious need of an example. Then again, I've long felt that every single Action posted here on ActionsForge would do well with an example, even if such is just a screen shot. Often times, a text description is not enough, and merely downloading the Action doesn't guarantee the user will be able to figure out its intended purpose/usefulness.

In this particular case, you kind of have to know what inline-block is and means in CSS/HTML. This is a geek tool, in other words. There's no example that would explain it beyond that. If you understand – deeply – what the difference is between display:inline-block and float:left, then you already know what this is and where to use it.

the biggest problem with tutorials, manuals act is time…it takes absolutely hours and hours of time to write rewrite and proof read tutorials… it's whats been keeping the next release of the webyep action back for months!!!


I should add that IE9 adds support for this layout technique, lower versions require a JavaScript "shim" to force them to understand this CSS 2.1 display option.


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