NoConflict.fwaction (2013-10-22) (Downloaded 79 times)


  • NoConflict (page-action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Walter Davis

developer javascript prototype scriptaculous jquery

Add the jQuery noConflict() function to a page that contains both Prototype and jQuery.

Nota bene: combining large monolithic libraries like this is an extraordinarily bad idea, and you should only do so if you cannot make your page work any other way.

This is a page action, just apply it to the page – there are no controls.

The Action will not have any effect if you have used the Page / HTML Markup dialog to add the links to jQuery or Prototype to your page. You must have used an Action like External JavaScript or Protaculous to add the scripts to your page.

This Action is not required if you are using Protaculous 2 to add jQuery to your page – that Action includes the same basic logic as this one.


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