Spawn New Window (2013-05-02) (Downloaded 331 times)


Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Spawn New Window (2008-10-22) (Downloaded 10 times)


Compatible: Pro 4 and Pro 5

Author: Paul Dunning

windows effects new window open link click

This Action opens a new window when someone clicks on the item to which it has been applied. This achieves the following:

1 - it creates a JavaScript function to open the window 2 - it also creates a non Javascript link for those people with no JavaScript active on their browser. In this case, a standard browser window will open with the new page in it.

The Action can be applied to an image or an image map area. There is also a version which can be inserted inline in a run of HTML text.



Hi I love your action. Just what I needed. One question: can I format the text shown in the box (now it is just blue)?

The text in the box in Freeway has to be displayed like that because it’s an Action item. Actions can’t be applied to a run of text (like, for example, styles).

Text output this way will inherit styling from any text that is before or after it, so make sure that there is a space character before the Action item and afterwards, select them all and apply your styling in the Inspector Palette and you should be good.

Tested v.4.3.3 on FW Pro 6. Compatible.

Hi! I just installed in the normal manner the updated version of this fantastic Action on my computer. But when I open the App I get a message that the Action was not properly installed. Yet in the website that I am constructing the Action seems to work. How do I rectify this problem?


Hi Paul. Used your action for years. Had to update an old site recently and to my surprise the action didn't work any more. It opened the link in the same window, just like an ordinary link. Tried in Safari, Firefox, Chrome on Mac and IE, Firefox, Chrome on Windows with same result. (FW Pro 6.1.2, Action: Latest version as of today)


Peter - sounds like a JavaScript error - have you got a link to this failing where I can take a look?

Hi Paul. Made a mini demo site at

Just 2 pages, second called from Spawn New Window Action.

Posted an updated version that should fix this problem.

Is it possible to get the spawned window to center when the browser window is expanded? Also can I make my spawned window responsive?


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