TableKit.fwaction (2013-01-31) (Downloaded 75 times)


  • TableKit (item-action) - v. 0.3
  • TableKit Header (item-action) - v. 0.3

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Walter Davis

html standards css server prototype

Sort a data table by clicking on the headers. Automatically creates the styles and re-orders the Freeway-generated HTML to make it behave properly like a data table.

Apply the TableKit Action to the table itself, and the TableKit Header Action to each header cell that you wish to use for sorting purposes. There are a number of different sort algorithms available in the TableKit Header interface – choose one based on the content type in your table.

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I am trying to use this to sort a table. One header is Name and the other is Year Inducted. The action changes the format of the cell from centered to left justified. The sort marker in the cell is visible under the text. Any suggestions. Here is the link

Update: I was able to solve my problem by inserting an inline HTML item in the header row with the column name. With this item centered it does leave enough room for the sort indicator. The table does lose the center attribute and only left justifies for each column even though when setting up the page it shows it correctly. Minor inconvenience.

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