Text on a Curve (2014-05-01) (Downloaded 110 times)


  • Text on a Curve SCG (item-action) - v. b2

Compatible: Pro 6

Author: Paul Dunning

text html text cute svg beta

Text on a curve? On a website? Is that possible? Well, yes it is. Normally, however, such exploits are undertaken with either a bitmap image, or a foray into some SVG editing application.

My Text on a Curve SVG Action (not the final name) lets you create such DTP-like effects from the comfort and safety of Freeway!

What does this Action do? In short, it takes Freeway’s HTML output and converts it into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The path you use determines the curve, and the HTML content determines the text that will run along it.

The Action does its best to do this, but may miss some styles out - due to the way Freeway exposes styles to Actions. The rule of thumb is to keep text styling as simple as possible. For older browsers, a graphic is created that will be displayed if SVG is not supported.

I am offering a Beta of this Action for people to try. The intent is to make a commercial version available when I’m able to solve the pithy style accessing problems.

This Action should be considered Beta quality. It does it’s job, but you may need a little patience with republishing requests. Please reed the notes and instructions on my site before making comments.



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