HTML5.fwaction (2014-06-16) (Downloaded 202 times)


  • HTML5 Page (page-action) - v. 0.5
  • HTML5 Element (item-action) - v. 0.6
  • HTML5 Input (item-action) - v. 0.5

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Walter Davis

standards html 5

Apply HTML5 Page Action to your XHTML page to convert the doctype to HTML5. No other changes are needed to have a valid HTML5 page. This Action is built in to the other HTML5 Actions – there is no need to apply it to the page if you have already applied HTML5 Element or HTML5 Input to any element on the page.

This page Action isn’t needed in Freeway 6, because you can set the page to HTML5 natively. But the other Actions in this suite are still able to add features that Freeway doesn’t do natively.

Apply HTML5 Element to any HTML item on your page to use any of the new HTML5 element types: header, footer, aside, etc. in Freeway versions < 6.

You can also apply a data- prefixed attribute to the element, should you need that for scripting purposes.

Also allows you to create a datalist, and formats the text contents of that HTML item to become the members of the list.

Apply the HTML5 Input Action to a normal text input to convert it to one of the many new HTML5 input types: search, tel, url, time, etc. Also apply the placeholder attribute to get coach-text in your input, set one of the inputs to auto-focus when the page loads, disable autocomplete and autocorrect, or use a datalist created by HTML5 Element.

Not all features provided are available in all browsers, and you’ll need to provide proper fallbacks (or chalk it up to progressive enhancement) for those who don’t, so this is an Action for those who know what they need and how to use it, rather than a simple “click-to-get-wizzy-feature” Action.


Does this version also support the conversion of Freeway div items to the &lt;blockquote&gt; tag?

Not that I know of.


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