Versions (2008-08-29) (Downloaded 109 times)


  • Background Fade (page-action) - v. 1.1

Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Express 4, and Express 5 (2008-08-29) (Downloaded 4 times)


  • Background Fade (page-action) - v. 1.02

Compatible: Pro 3.5

Author: Softpress Support

Fade your page background between two colours after the page has loaded.

How to Use

  1. Choose the ‘Background Fade’ action from the Page > Action menu

  2. In the Action Palette, specify the start color, end color, the number of steps to this color and the interval in seconds to the next color is shown.

It is recommended that you set the background color of your page to the start color chosen in the Action.


love it

Is there a version of this compatible with Freeway 6?

very lovely and fun.i use it none

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