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  • Clean Links (page-action) - v. 0.1
  • Clean Links (folder-action) - v. 0.1

Compatible: Pro 5 and Pro 5.5

Author: Softpress Support

links directory minimalist

Want your links to look as clean as possible on your sites? Want to turn into

Without a load of server-side scripting, this is usually done by placing index.html files inside directories and linking to the directories instead of the pages. Since Freeway doesn’t allow you to create links to directories (because it does’t work when previewing locally), we’ve created this little Action to go through and convert links to index pages to point to their folders instead.

If you want a page to have a clean link, it must be in its own directory. The Action needs to be enabled when uploading, otherwise your local links ain’t gonna work.

Using the Action

  1. Each page in Freeway needs to be in its own directory. To create a directory, go to the Page menu (or Control/right click on the Site Panel) and choose New Folder…
  2. Page filenames must be index.[anything] (the Action will replace all pages called index, the extension can be anything)
  3. Apply the Clean Links Action to the Site Folder (or an individual page to clean links on just that page). To do this, select the Site Folder in the Site Panel, go to the Page menu, and select Folder Actions>Clean Links.
  4. When uploading the site, enable the Uploading option in the Action palette to clean the links. If it’s enabled when you preview locally the directories will just open in the Finder. Remember to turn this off once you’ve uploaded if you want your local previews to work again.


You've got a checkbox in here that doesn't do anything. No conditional behavior regardless of how it is checked…

Oh, and one other thing – if you turn on ContentNegotiation in Apache, you don't even have to make folders. If you strip the tails off of the links, they still work!

Well Tim … that's were good ideas end up :)

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