Versions (2012-12-20) (Downloaded 54 times)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Express 4, Express 5, and Express 5.5 (2011-02-27) (Downloaded 1 time)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Express 4, and Express 5 (2011-02-25) (Downloaded 0 times)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Express 4, and Express 5

Author: Softpress Support

The Kuler Action is a quick and easy way to import a vast array of color palettes into Freeway from Adobe’s Kuler web site.

Apply the action to a page in your Freeway site using the Page > Actions… > Kuler menu option.

No API sign up required. As of version 1.03 users no longer need to sign up for the free Adobe API.

To use the action enter the URL for a color theme in any of the five available slots in the action’s palette and click on the Get colors button.

Alternatively you can click on the Get colors from Safari button and have the action use the url you are currently viewing in the browser. Using either method will populate the five color fields associated with this theme.

From here we suggest renaming the colors so you know which theme they are associated with. To do this select the color and choose other… at the top of the menu. In the resulting dialog box give the color a meaningful name, click on the Permanent checkbox and click the OK button.


Version 1.04 - Fixed an issue with the Kuler site URLs changing.

I tried using this action on my Freeway Pro v. 7 and it doesn't seem to work. I notice it has been optimized for Freeway Pro up to v. 5…so is it incompatible?

@Anya The current version of the Action isn't going to work because Adobe have removed the API (the way the Action communicated with the Kuler service). Until they reactivate the API the Action will remain broken. Sorry.

@Softpress Support - please correctly assign this Action back to me please.

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