Mini CMS 2 (2008-07-30) (Downloaded 85 times)


Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Pro 6, Pro 7, Express 3.5, Express 4, Express 5, Express 5.5, and Express 6

Author: Joe Muscara

cms commercial content management system

Development of mini CMS/FileCMS has been ended by the developer. If you do not already have a copy of the CMS, please do not purchase this Action. I am leaving this Action available for sale for those who already have mini CMS or FileCMS. Contact me before buying this Action if you have any questions.

Have a client that needs to make updates to their site themselves but they don’t have any Macs? This Action allows you to create a dynamic site using mini CMS 2 (now known as FileCMS) and Freeway that can be easily updated by users.

This Action allows you to use FileCMS as the basis of a Content Management System for a web site. (See the FileCMS site to purchase FileCMS as well as server requirements, licensing, and other information about FileCMS. FileCMS2 does not require a MySQL database, only that PHP is available on the server. Currently, FileCMS is the only product available on the FileCMS site)

This Action inserts tags in your Freeway layout, freeing you from hand coding the tags in Freeway’s HTML Markup items. You place the Action where you want editable content on your page.

(The current version of the Action refers to mini CMS instead of FileCMS, but it should function correctly otherwise.)

$25 Purchase


Would be useful to contrast features of this and features of WebYep to help shopper know when to use one or the other. From what I see without trying it out it can only be used by clients who edit using PCs. Also there may less requirements on the server side.

It's hard to compare when I've not used them both. But, a Mac-using client can use miniCMS. One advantage of miniCMS is that it does not require a database and all that, so yes, less requirements on the server.

It appears that mini CMS 2 has been replaced with FileCMS from the same developer. I am currently researching if this was just a name change or if this Action needs to be updated.

It was just a name change and the Action should function correctly with FileCMS.

is this compatible with Freeway Pro 7?

Yes, it is compatible with Freeway Pro 7.


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