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Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) Content Killer

Wipes out the content of the page to which it is applied upon publishing, replacing it with the Text from the Actions palette.

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Joe Muscara (21 March 2013) Country List

Creates a popup with a list of countries on it - for use in Forms.

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form forms

Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) Cursor Trailer Text

Have a text trail following the cursor.

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Joe Muscara (5 May 2014) ExpressionEngine Action Suite

Need to create a web site that uses an online publishing system, such as a weblog or a content management system? Have a client that needs to make updates to their site themselves but they don’t have any Macs? This Action Suite allows you to create a dynamic site using ExpressionEngine (available separately) and Freeway that can be easily updated by users. ExpressionEngine (EE) is a highly flexible content management system (CMS) that allows those without extensive PHP experience to create database driven websites that rival sites with tens of thousands of dollars of custom scripting and database development.

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cms commercial content management

Joe Muscara (30 July 2008) Mini CMS 2 (FileCMS)

Development of mini CMS/FileCMS has been ended by the developer. If you do not already have a copy of the CMS, please do not purchase this Action. I am leaving this Action available for sale for those who already have mini CMS or FileCMS. Contact me before buying this Action if you have any questions.

85 downloads, 7 comments.

cms commercial content management system

Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) Page Expiration

Sets the META expires value to the desired date and time.

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Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) pMachine Tags

This Action allows you to use pMachine Pro or Free as the basis of an online publishing system for a web site. (See the pMachine site for server requirements, licensing, and other information about pMachine.)

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cms commercial

Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) Simple Site Map

Creates a site map on the selected page or the current location.

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Joe Muscara (21 March 2013) State/Prov List

Creates a popup with a list of US and Canadian States and Provinces on it - for use in Forms, also allows you to select default location that is shown in browser.

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