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  • MySQL Get Records (action) - v. 1.2
  • MySQL Get Records (action) - v. 1.2

Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, and Pro 5

Author: Softpress Support

This Action generates PHP code to query a database. This code will also be put into a container which can be included on another page using the ‘Include PHP Page’ Action.


This Action is a standalone Action. It can be placed on a page using either the Action tool in the Tool Bar, or by using Insert>Actions>MySQL Get Records.

You can have as many as you wish on a page. You can have mark up before and after the SQL statement.

Use the Type Your Own button to enter a SQL statement.

The variable box is for you to specify a variable name into which the reference to this data set is placed. This block can be placed either on the page, or off it. Either way, the code will be published.

Code generated by this Action will be published on pages linking to the current page using the PHP Incude PHP Page Action.

Code Produced

// Created by MySQL Get Records ‘item1’
// ——
$myVariable = “”;
$fwQuery = “select * from database”;
$myVariable = mysql_db_query( $fwDBName , $fwQuery , $fwLink ) or die(“Database error in item1”.“Error #” . mysql_errno() . “: ” . mysql_error());
//PHP MarkUp


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