pMachine Tags (2008-09-08) (Downloaded 9 times)


Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Joe Muscara

cms commercial

This Action allows you to use pMachine Pro or Free as the basis of an online publishing system for a web site. (See the pMachine site for server requirements, licensing, and other information about pMachine.)

This Action inserts pMachine tags in your Freeway layout, freeing you from hand coding the tags in Freeway’s HTML Markup items. You choose the pMachine tag that you want to use in the Actions palette, then you enter any necessary parameters for the tag. The Action also has the nice feature that you don’t have to put a copy of pm_inc.php in every folder in your site that has a page with a pMachine tag on it. The included documentation goes into more detail about this.

$30 Purchase


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