Relative Page Layout Guide (2011-02-25) (Downloaded 24 times)


  • Relative Page Layout Guide (folder-action) - v. 1.0b2
  • Relative Page Layout Guide (page-action) - v. 1.0b2

Compatible: Pro 5 and Pro 5.5

Relative Page Layout Guide (2011-02-24) (Downloaded 3 times)


Compatible: Pro 5

Author: Paul Dunning

developer layout page relative

This is a Page Action, a Folder Action and an Item Action (for those of us who find Page Actions unruly). All do the same thing. Item Actions should be drawn on the page in the paste board as a non-layered item. To use the Action, preview the page in Freeway, or (if using a CMS) in a web browser via a web server. Each kind of element used by the RPL Action is coloured differently. Ordinary DIVs are, by default, given a dashed green border. fwRow elements are given a dashed red border, and fwColumn elements are given a dashed blue border. These colours can be changed in the Action palette. Note that these borders will add 2 pixels to the width and height of the elements they are applied to, so items will seem a little out of place. There is also an Activate checkbox which will let you switch the Action on or off. Don’t forget to switch it OFF when you are ready to upload to the server!



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