Mike Brackenridge (25 December 2013) Cell BG Colour On Rollover

This is an action that can be used to style table cells background colour in Freeway Pro using onmouseover and onmouseout. Apply to each cell and then set the colour the cell background should change to on moving the cursor over and then for when moving the cursor out of the cell area.

116 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript effects layout free cells rollover background colour

Walter Davis (7 May 2012) ImageReplacement

Apply ImageReplacement to any image on your Freeway layout, then choose a semantic heading tag to replace it (H1 - H6). The image will become the background image for the heading, and the text of the heading (made from the alt text of your image) will disappear on screen.

31 downloads, 5 comments.

html standards css layout seo accessibility

Paul Dunning (25 February 2011) Relative Page Layout Guide

This is a Page Action, a Folder Action and an Item Action (for those of us who find Page Actions unruly). All do the same thing. Item Actions should be drawn on the page in the paste board as a non-layered item.

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developer layout page relative

max fancourt (21 March 2013) External Reset Stylesheet

Reference a reset external style sheet within freeway

35 downloads, 4 comments.

css php form softpress layout style mysql database includes

Walter Davis (3 October 2011) PlaceKitty

So CUUUUUTE! Kittens of any size, grayscale or color. Just draw an HTML item on the page and apply this Action to it for an Instant kitty!

11 downloads, 0 comments.

layout design cute kittens

Carsten Cohn (23 April 2012) RT-Editor (Yahoo-YUI)

This action create an INPUT TEXTAREA and expand it to a Rich Text-Editor. You can use it like a textarea. If you like it or if you have question for more YUI actions like these please mail me.

17 downloads, 1 comment.

php form softpress forms layout text mysql database includes javascript library gui editor

Carsten Cohn (26 April 2012) PHP -PageProtect

This action works in 2 Level:

171 downloads, 4 comments.

php form softpress layout password mysql database includes accessibility page session paysite

Carsten Cohn (26 April 2012) PHP-WebmasterID

If you want traffic, so you need Webmaster. This action allowed to read the Webmaster-ID and save this ID to a Cookie. You can define the lifetime of the cookie. So, if the User of this Webmaster come back to your site, the Webmaster-ID ist not lost.

24 downloads, 0 comments.

php form softpress layout password mysql database includes accessibility page session paysite