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  • Smart Quotes (page-action) - v. 0.1

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Softpress Support

dtp typography quotes

This Action is experimental

Converts dumb apostrphes, quotes, and primes to their smart equivalents.

To use the Action, just apply it to the page you want it run on by going to Page>Page Actions>Smart Quotes

Below are examples of what it will do (in a code block so you can see the dumb quotes properly):

"Quote" --> “Quote”
"Quote 'within' quote" --> “Quote ‘within’ quote”
It's --> It’s
6' 1" --> 6′ 1″

This is an experimental Action. If you find any problems, please leave a comment.

Known shortcomings:

If you have a numeral at the end of a quote such as “I was only 6”, you’ll need to use the correct character to terminate the quote (Options-Shift-[ or Options-Shift-]), otherwise the Action will make it a prime.

If you have an abbreviated word such as ’Frisco or ’til, you will need to use the correct character (Option-Shift-]) otherwise the Action will use an open single quote character.


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