Table_Styler.fwaction (2013-04-26) (Downloaded 149 times)


  • Table Styler (item-action) - v. 0.3

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Softpress Support

css3 tables styling

Use this Action to modernize your tables in Freeway. You can apply different background colors to alternating rows and borders, and set their opacity levels.

To use the Action:

  • Draw a regular table item
  • Select the number of rows and columns you need, and the border, spacing, and padding sizes you want to use (you can change all of these later)
  • Apply the Table Styler Action to the table
  • Select the colors and opacity levels you want to use
  • Preview in a browser to see your new sparkly table

You can use the Inspector palette to override any of the colors used in the Action. If you want your first row to look different to the subsequent rows, select it as normal in Freeway, then choose the Cell option in the Inspector and set the color to whatever you like.

Note: This is an experimental Action. It hasn’t been fully tested, so we can’t guarantee it won’t have bugs. It uses modern CSS techniques so the results will not look the same in older browsers. If it’s popular enough, we’ll update it to make it as fully functional as possible and put it through proper testing procedures.

Updated to version 0.2 with support for border-radius and individual cell border editing for creating even better looking tables :)



When using Table Styler 0.1 table content of joined cells ist always vertically aligned "middle". Content can´t be aligned vertically "top". Please check. Thanks

@Klaus – Ok, that's fixed

That was really fast, thanks a lot!

@Klaus, we've just put another update up. This time with support for round corners and individual cell border editing. Give it a try!

@Caleb, thanks – we'll take a look.

@Softpress: So far 0.2 works fine for me, thanks!

When using Internet Explorer 8 on Win XP I don´t see the table styling. Is there a solution ?

Hi Klaus - Table Styler uses CSS3, so versions of IE prior to IE9 won't display the styling. If you want the styling to show for IE8 and earlier, you'll need to do your styling using the normal Freeway method

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