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  • Background Supersizer (page-action) - v. 0.3.6

Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7

Author: Softpress Support

An Action for creating a full page backgrounds with slideshow features.

To use the Action:

  1. Select page and apply Action from Page->Page Actions
  2. Open Actions palette (Window->Actions)
  3. Select a folder of web ready images (landscape works best)
  4. Decide which image your want to load first using the Start Slide field or to display a random image, check the Randomize option
  5. Check the Slideshow option to transition between images
  6. Use the remaining options to customize the slideshow



This is what I've been waiting for!!! : ) Now, is there any way to control it? What if I wanted to give users the power to go "left" and "right" on the slideshow? Can it be done!? (I tried carousel button, but no success…)

We still need to document everything but users can control the slideshow in the following ways: Space = Play/Pause Left/Right Arrows = Navigate Left/Right

Next up will be some controls buttons.


This is an action that really pushes webdesign to the next level … great work! I saw the demo of this on www. and I really can't wait for the full functionality. Please don't stop giving us actions like these!

Sould be

Version 0.2 fixes a jQuery compatibility issue.

The action doesn't seem to work for IE9 (what a surprise). Take a look at

It seems that the feature works for IE9 when openening Any chance the FW action gets updated anytime soon?

Updated to use the latest version of the Script and fixes IE9 compatibility.

New to FW. How to create a full page menu like,

Draw a div, float left, but in stead of defining the width … you set de 'distance to right edge' also to 0px. Within that div, you insert your text (menu-items), and create a style that moves the text to the right and create the link states.

0.3.1 fixes a rare issue when using the Supersizer Action with both the Showcase and MetaPlus Actions on the same page.

Richard van Heukelum, what is a div? I tried to make a graphic box, but I cant fait the color? Do you or anyone else know how?

I'm looking for how to make a page like: - anyone? know how to? - please write how :)

Hi Maiken

Don't use a graphic box. Draw a HTML one. In the Inspector Panel, don't use Color field to set the colour, go to the second tab of the Inspector Panel in Graphic Effects choose the first button, below in Background set the Color and Opacity. Go to Dimensions tab, set 0px to the left and 100% to the width. Insert the text (buttons) inside this HTML box. For the SlideShow just use this Background Supersizer Action.

Guys, do you know why instead of the slideshow I am having the "loading" circle? The size of pictures isn't large (~ 100 kb) but the loading sign just continues forever :(

Nice looking action, however, when I download from the link it still seems to be version 0.3.1, and not 0.3.2. I'm using Freeway Pro 6 ( and still using 5.5 with some project builds that may be using actions that have not been updated for 6)

Thanks, Doug

The Action was updated internally, but not in its metadata, so the Finder "version" field would be out of step with the actual version reported within Freeway. This has been fixed in the latest 0.3.3 version.

What has changed in 0.3.4

Can you use this just to supersize one image, or is there another way to accomplish that… z

This is exactly what I'm looking for! Almost. I have a wish list for it that would make it perfect for what I need. (And I've been looking for years). 1 - the option to start in pause mode so visitors could advance at their own pace with the arrow keys. Or auto play with the space bar. 2 - I have portrait and landscape image. It'd be great to be able to display both without stretching or cropping occurring, though I imagine this is tricky to implement. I know I can work around this by adjusting all my images but it'd be a shame to resort to a workaround. 3 - Failing point 2, the option to set width as the defining parameter would be good as all landscape images crop height, which is unfortunate. 4 - (And I know this is a long shot) The ability to play video would be amazing! amazing! amazing! Fingers crossed.

Hi Walter, are any conflicts known yet with FW 7? I urgently need this action for a responsive website for a new client. Thanks a lot! :)

RE FW7 conflict.

BG Supersizer worked perfectly for me in FW6 here Link Text

But since upgrading to 7 I can't get it to work. Any ideas?



you can see a page I've tried to update [here]


Kind of ruins the page!

Hi David - Please don't ask for Support here, email us at <[email protected]> instead. Please send in your FW6 file and the background image you're using (zipped up together)

Try changing the code output on that page to More Readable

This is a great action but is there any way of controlling the slideshow with forward and back buttons?

Would love to see a FW7 update…

What is the best resolution for the images?

bgSupersizer.fwactionb or full-background-proportional.fwaction. What do you prefer?

Hi Koen - The images used in the demo file for Background Supersizer are 72dpi images sized at 1296px wide by 864px high. This Action is different from the Full Backgrund Proportional Action as it can be used to display a fading slideshow of images and it also has different behavior with the position and scaling of the image when the browser window is resized.

Ok. Thanks.

Thanks for this Action, but I have an issue, I can't figure out how to solve it… I use some pictures,everything looks good to me in freeway, but when the page is open with a web browser, there is nothing on the background except a grey color, wich has not been placed here by me at all… too bad, because I really like the concept of this action… Someone could help please?

Is it possible that you are uploading a "non web-friendly" format, like PSD or TIFF? Freeway will happily let you do that, and this Action assumes (right or wrong) that you are uploading a JPG, GIF or PNG image, pre-compressed for the Web.


When I put another action on the page like Showcase, the background action doensnt work and also stays grey. Maybe the same problem Pascal?

Walter, I'm using PNG images, 1500x1000 pix. Koen, you are right ! It's all about Showcase, it's seems ! I just created a new page for test, without any Showcase action, and it works fine. When I add a Showcase action box on the page, it doesn't work anymore, the grey background is back… Too bad, really… I can't build this website without Showcase to display images… or maybe is there another action like Showcase wich will not conflict with BGsupersizer? Koen, thanks a lot for the tip. Do you have any solution, by chance?

Don't work with Freeway 7.1.1

Can you expand on this Simone. It does work in FW7.1.1 but you may have other things on your page that are causing conflicts. Can you post a link to your non working page or even start a new thread over at FreewayTalk

Freeway crash when i try to insert this action,and click on preview on browser

Sorry i try now and work regulary, i dont no why a few days ago Freeway crash only time…I try to quit and restar many times but nothing…So sorry now work!

0.3.5 Adds a Stop Loop option that prevents the slideshow from looping.

0.3.6 Resolves conflicts with other jQuery dependents

Tried the new version of this Action, still conflicts with Water's NewsCycle Action.

So cannot use, but would like to.

Why would text (white on a black background) become dimmed and almost illegible when bg_supersizer is applied?

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