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  • Comments (action) - v. 0.2.1

Compatible: Pro 5.5

Author: Softpress Support

A simple Action that allows users to comment on your site. The Action uses Disqus to host the comments. You must sign-up to their service and add your site for the Action to work. Once you’ve done this, copy your Shortname – you’ll need to use it in the Action.

To use the Action:

  1. On the page you wish to place comments on, go to the Insert menu and select Comments from the Action Item dropdown
  2. Open the Action Palette from the Window menu
  3. Enter your shortname in the Website Shortname field
  4. The resulting comments use h3 tags so set your h3 tags up in the Edit Styles dialog to look the way you want. To style the rest of the text in the comments, apply a style to the item.

Note: This Action is experimental so may contain bugs. If you have any problems, please leave a comment.

Update: Added a way to link threads between pages. To use this feature, use the same value in the Comment ID field on all the pages you want to share threads.



This action is a winner. Very nicely done.

One request however: add the option to 'name' the discussion, so you can have the same discussion on seperate pages.

For example: I made a website for a hospital nearby, for their Roparun contestents anyway, and used this action for 'support' purposes. This site has a mobile version as well, and I needed this action to add this on the mobile site as well. For that purpose I manually added an identifier on both pages, but I guess that you should be able to add a discussion-identifier via the action pallet as well?

@Richard, thanks for the suggestion. We'll add it in.

Wow, that's just great :D … other than that, no wishes here. It's really a great action, easy to use … great. I like how Disqus just blends into the layout. Great work!

@Richard. And done. :)

No problems - just thanks!

Wow … terrific :D :D :D

Wow … terrific :D :D :D

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