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  • Feed2js (item-action) - v. 0.1

Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Walter Davis

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Feed2js makes it easy to re-publish RSS and Atom feeds to your pages. It requires PHP 5 on your server (preferably 5.3 or newer so you get the best possible XML support), but it does work with older versions of PHP 5.

To use, apply the Action to an HTML box where you want the feed to appear. Enter the full (http) URL to the feed you want to display, the number of stories you want to show in the list, and choose the elements you want to display (date published and description are optional).

The box will appear empty in the design view – any other content in that box will be removed when the page is shown. The box will also become flexible-height to accommodate variable-length content, so plan to leave space beneath it! The default font styles can be overridden by creating new CSS styles in the page with the same names as the ones in the default stylesheet. Everything within the list is styled in relative dimensions, so you can get a lot of variety by simply changing the font and font-size in the .feed2js style rule.

You may use an FTP application to create a cache folder in the same folder as the page you applied the Action to. Name it (exactly) _cache, and give it world-writable permissions. This will speed up repeated requests for the page, since the server will not have to reach out to the feed each time the page loads. Note that if you are showing breaking news, or anything time-sensitive, this will cause a minimum 1 hour delay.


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Trying to change the font styles but not exactly sure about how to accomplish. Any help is appreciated!

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