Password_Protected_URL_3.2.2.fwaction (2013-03-21) (Downloaded 722 times)


Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Pro 6, Express 5, Express 5.5, and Express 6

Author: Softpress Support

This action allows you to have a page or folder on your web site that can only be accessed by entering a password.

Apply the action from the Insert > Action menu. It can be either free-standing on the page or entered/pasted as an inline item.

It works by adding the .html extension onto the end of the password entered, this is then used in the address bar, if the page exists it will open. If, for example, you want the password to be ‘topsecret’ then in your site, create a new page with that name i.e. topsecret.html.

This Action can also be used with folders. The text entered will be used to find a folder (no .html extension will be used) so make sure you have an index.html file in your protected folder.

Note: This Action will only work for sites that use the .html extension.

For usage see:


I think I have set this up correctly, set to page, but I am not getting the submit button to link to my page.


I'm having the same problem that Ron was having up above. I've installed the Action and it seems to be set up properly, but it's not working. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks, Jamie

Update: My problem was that I had two forms on my Password Protected URL page. That doesn't work, unless you install the Multiple Forms action. Solved! Thanks, Delta Dave

When I download the version for 5.5 Pro, the zip file contains a file called an action but it is a text file and will not install. Is there another way to download this file?

Alan Aplin, I had the same problem before and didn't knew what to do with those kind of "crap" action files.

Righ-click the file and select Get Info. On the "Open With: " label select your FW appllication. Now you can double-click the action file and it will be installed in FW.

If you want to change the icon file, while you're in the Get Info window you can click on the icon image above and a blue glow will appear. Now, you can delete, copy or paste any image file there or from there. This is how you change file's icons. My suggestion is that you go to another actions file - get info - select icon - copy. Now, go to the "crap" icon action file - get info - select icon and paste the image from the clipboard.

Got it?

hi there.please bear with me i am very new in web design.i tried this action and i like it.but my question is how do i get the end user to create a password? is there an action for that? Basically what i am trying to achieve is,i will like visitors to my site to create their own resettable password before accessing my site. any help with that pls

How do I set up a password using this action? I have the action on the page and it comes up fine when uploaded…asks for password, perfect. Now, the problem is I have no password set in Freeway. .How do I create/set password in freeway. Can someone guide me? Thanks! Bren

How do I create/set a password in freeway. Can someone guide me? I can not find any documentation on this action other than here and I can not find the answers, please advise

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