WebYep Action (2013-07-06) (Downloaded 544 times)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Pro 6, Pro 7, Express 4, Express 5, Express 5.5, and Express 6

WebYep Action (2013-02-17) (Downloaded 32 times)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Pro 6, Express 4, Express 5, Express 5.5, and Express 6

WebYep Action (2011-05-08) (Downloaded 8 times)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 5.5, Express 4, Express 5, and Express 5.5

WebYep Action (2010-08-03) (Downloaded 3 times)


Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Express 4, and Express 5

WebYep Action (2008-08-29) (Downloaded 6 times)


Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, Pro 5, Express 3.5, Express 4, and Express 5

Author: max fancourt

cms commercial forms content management editing html pages client adjustable areas

The WebYep Freeway Action Suite has been constructed for designers that want to concentrate on design and don’t want to adopt PHP or deep HTML skills to simply make some pages editable.

Inserting and editing of any WebYep item is as simple as inserting any other content into your Freeway page. As a web designer you don’t have to face a single line of PHP code.

PLEASE NOTE: WebYep 3.3 and the new 3.4 is Freeway 7 compatible.

£20.00 Purchase


Hi I am using this action with great success and interest but ie 8 is throwing up a problem-if I click the logon I get an error telling me that "To edit these pages with WebYep you need to enable JavaScript in your Web Browser!". It is enabled…. makes no difference. As my client will be using i8 this is an issue. Any ideas anyone?

Just to add-on reflection, this plainly is not an issue with this excellent action-for which we should all thank you Max-but it may be something others have come across…?

OK-the plot thins…. tried it on a different machine… no error. Looks like my version of what claimed to be ie8 in a multiple ie developers' collection was dodgy… My apologies.

Hi. What's new in 3.1? - i already own v3 so will i get an auto upgrade?

Hi Mark whats your email address? you should have received a upgrade email but I did get 38 bounces, so yours may have been one of those. cheers max

Would be useful to the action shopper to have comparison info of WebYep and miniCMS2 as they look quite similar. Am I right about the following? WebYep: Can be edited using a Mac or PC, within FW content areas shows up as empty rectangles to be filled in later from within WebYep, doesn't allow designer to constrain users styling choices, comes with fabulous help from Max (at least to me when I tried to get it to work but was foiled by server side problems) miniCMS2: Client must edit on a PC, in FW copy can be entered and viewed by designer then edited later using miniCMS2, client styling choices can be restrained at site level (not at editable area level) Please correct if I have these things wrong and add other key considerations.

Hi Max… I'm running Version 3 and I must have missed your upgrade email too. [email protected]

Hi, I have the WebYep-Action 3.1 and should update a new Version. The massage is: A new Version of WebYep Action is available. But where and how can I get get the update?

Hi Thomas its nearly ready I am just finishing a few things off before it launched but as a guide this is whet the ext big release will have:

New actions are:

webyep config writer action (This is an action you apply to a folder) the config action also has the optional sitelok configuration which can only be used if you have bought Vibralogic sitelok software webyep read-more action webyep-mals action webyep Facebook actions

Updated actions are:

I have also updated the webyep menu styler action with an extended button so you can now add extra style to the menu webyep Loop start webyep end actions webyepLock action webyeppage init action webyep SEO action

Description of actions changed:

  1. The new Read More action which generates pages from text. This is the official description of what this action is used for: The WebYep Read More Element is used for customisable links to a detailed view at the end of product descriptions or teaser texts.

In reality this action is an absolutely marvellous way to generate new pages as if it were a single item menu…. and I have already used it to generate unique webyep forms from a webyep page

  1. The other new action is the Mal's E action please note this is NOT an official WebYep action but purely for the freeway community so you won't find any references to this action on the OBD site.

  2. An update to the image action. This update now allows you to specify the thumbnail and the light-box / popup window

  3. The config writer action You apply this action to a folder (probably the top folder) on your site panel on the left hand side of the freeway screen and adjust the setting to match your document setup. Then you should be able to make the config file without adjusting any code… the final step is to replace your config file within the webyep-system with the generated one, This config file has a new element within the code to allow freeway users the ability to turn off the automatic inclusion of scriptaculous javascript library from within the webyep code, This would need to be done if you were to use Freeways own inbuilt scriptaculous effects on a page.

  4. SEO action now has the ability to add the suffix at the beginning or the end of the page title.

Other things that may be of interest to people which I hope will be included in the Manual although its time dependent… 1. how to get a search function to work with webyep content 2. setting up MAMP to view Freeway/webyep sites locally on your mac 3. Creating tabs that allow you to show parts of a loop 4. Adding a plugin that allows you to add a mini floating menu within the longtext box that will help styling within that action 5. Create a blog style loop and add the ability for that loop to be used as a RSS Feed

Things that I need to do for a future releases (Post 3.3) Completly rewrite and visual layout of the Menu styler action. The next generation of that action will be far closer to layout and control as Freeways own CSS menu action Probably a simple Gallery styler action to allow for that action to be styled without the need to created loads of separate styles form within Edit styles.

Please note: the next release should be ready within a day or two of fw6 launching

I get a message within Freeway that a new version (3.3) is available, but I can't figure out how to get it. Do I need to repurchase? (I currently have 3.1). Thanks!

hi Scott an email went out about three months ago with the download so I am assuming you one of the people who didn't get it if you can send me your email address I can resend it to you kind regards max

Hi there Max

I am having problems upgrading TinyMCE from 3.3.6. to 4.1.3 (WebYep is 1.7.1 and the Action is 3.4.) TinyMCE does not appear. I have searched everywhere I am stuck! Can you help…?

here is a link to an edited script which needs to replace the one in webyep-system/program/editors/rich-text-tinymce.php this will allow you to use the tinymce4 editor.

Link Text

Hmm.. I am still doing something wrong. I started with your "combo file" WebYep_1.7.3 with tinymce3.9 included. Installed and configured. Everything works fine. I then delete the tinymce folder and replace it with the new 4.1.3 and do the same with the rich-text-tinymce.php.

Now I have no editor… Thanks for you patience and help.

Ooops, found the problem! Typing error… tired! Need to stop before things get worse.

Ok… any other problem let me know kind regards max

Well, now that you mentioned it. I am trying to get image/file upload to work. Tried to work in a couple of solutions offered on the web, but got stuck again. Is there not such "working version" available anywhere? (TinyMCE 4.1.3). THANX!

Are you using the new image manager? MoxieManager cos that can't be installed as per there old system I haven't even looked at the new tinymce image uploader because in the next version of webyep redactor will have its own installed image uploader max

Tried this one:

This is using jQuery for this to work I suspect you would need to amend the new tinyMCE 4 editor I sent you Its not as easy as it looks is there a reason why you didn't use the old v3 tinymce and the old image upload as they did work? speak soon max

Well, I couldn't get it to work as needed. The new version looked better. I need to streamline all functions to maximum user-friendliness for the sake of the end user. Version 4 looked better in that regard.


Hi Max

I am starting a new site which will be an ecommerce site. I, and my client, are experienced users of WebYep.

Will it work in conjunctiom with Mals shopping suite? I would like the client to be able to remove items for sale. To be able to add them would be even better.

regards Richard Lowther

[email protected]


I am planning to upgrade a site and will try to use WebYep i purchased it a couple of years ago but never got around to using it in a live situation.

I would like to allow more than one of the clients staff to edit certain parts of the new site, so i will have multiple users with different passwords, are there any considerations i should allow for in the over all planning of the construction of the site that will make the Web Yep installation and use easier Please?

Thank You

John Williams [email protected]

Hoi Max, we have a problem with webyep 3.4 and Mal's ecommerce in a loop.

When we upload the website we get the failure "JavaScript fout" Action: WEbYep: 8 - Mal's E-Commerce, theItem has no properties. We have follow your manual exacly. The only difference is that we have version 3.4 and in the manual 3.3.

The site is place on a localhost with Xampp on a mac.

Can you help us please?

Grts Arthur Zweers

Hi Arthur yes of course I can help if you could email me directly as it will make it easier to talk it through and fix the problem What I will need is a copy of your freeway artwork to test to see where the problem is speak soon max

just in case you can't find the address


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