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  • Unreadable Action #0 () - v. 2.0.4

Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7 (2014-12-19) (Downloaded 692 times)


  • Unreadable Action #0 () - v. 2.0.3

Compatible: Pro 6 and Pro 7 (2011-08-05) (Downloaded 316 times)


  • Unreadable Action #0 () - v. 2.0.2

Compatible: Pro 5 and Express 5

Author: Softpress Support

youtube you tube movie video

Add a YouTube movie to your web page.

To use

Sketch out an instance of the Action using the Action tool. The Action will inform you if the box you have sketched is an optimum size and will advise on a height based on the width of the Action on the page. This will change depending on controller options. You can ignore the recommendations. However, your video will be either “letter boxed” or “pillar boxed”.

Action Options

Movie URL: Enter the URL of the YouTube movie you want to display

YouTube Player: Select a YouTube player option from the dropdown. The default setting is the best one to use. Note that Version 2 is deprecated, and may not be supported by YouTube in the future. It is provided here for compatibility purposes. We recommend the use of either the iFrame or the Version 3 options.

Version 3 is a Flash based player, which will be embedded in the browser. The iFrame option chooses whether to use an HTML 5 native player or the Version 3 Flash player depending on browser capabilities. Note that some other options may not work as expected in this version of the player if HTML 5 video is served.

16:9 Aspect Ratio: If your movie is filmed in a wide screen format, then select this option. This will help the Action advise you on the best dimension to use.

Autoplay: Movie will start playing when the page has loaded

Show Controls: The movie controls will be shown or hidden (affects item dimensions)

Automatically hide controller: Controller will minimise after a couple of seconds of playing (affects item dimensions)

Show related videos: YouTube will recommend more videos when the movie has finished playing

Show Information: movie information will be shown before it starts playing

Show Annotations: Annotations added to the movie will be shown if this checkbox is on

Full screen button: allows the playing of the movie in full screen

Start Position: starts the movie playing at the number of seconds indicated

Loop: Loops the movie

Disable keyboard controls: Determines whether the keyboard can control the movie

Play High Definition Alternative: If there is a high definition version of this movie, then it will play in favour of the standard definition (Version 2 only).

YouTube player Version 3 (and iFrame) determines which movie to play depending on the size it appears on the page.

Border: Displays a border around the movie (Version 2 only)

Colour 1 & Colour 2: select colours to use for the controllers and border (Version 2 only)

Full screen flag added to iFrame for 2.0.3


Regardless of whether you choose the iFrame or Ver3 or Ver2 player, I am finding that any CSS Menus you have nearby will appear BELOW the video (instead of atop it) in MSIE 7 and 8. One can argue that MSIE7 matters little, but here in Japan, a significant number of Windoze drones still use it, because they continue to have a love affair with WinXP. Therefore, it would be nice to hear if there is a fix. Thanks.

It just doesn't work… No URL works.

I assure you it is indeed working, Thomas Peter. However, there are quirks. If you are using the shortened URL to your YouTube videos, try the long URL instead. In my experience, sometimes the short URLs won't work for some reason.

I've also found this Dec. 2014 update fixes the "Full Screen Button" only when the YouTube video is displayed on the page itself, such as the video on this page in my website here:

However, I have other pages that use ScriptyLightBox3 to open the YouTube video in a popover, and for the life of me I cannot see that Full Screen Button there. However, if I copy the link and then open it in a new Tab or Window, the Full Screen Button appears. Here's a page on my website that shows what I am explaining:

No. This action does not work. Please ad a downloadable example so I can see your construction.


William Kimmel and Thomas Peter, you gentlemen are both wrong. The YouTube Action DOES WORK, and it works great. Here's a sample Freeway 7.0.1 Pro document that proves it (I even show you how to add a shadow behind it too):

I've tested this on my own websites, in Mac and Windows (yes even XP) browsers. The caveats I mentioned in my previous post exist, but the basic functionality of the YouTube Action version 2.0.3 (version as of this writing) WORKS.

James, thank you! Really appreciate it. Your movie works well, thats right. But plz try to tie in

James, your're right. I found it out. Only Ckpo9lhiQfU must be tied in. Not the whole adress…

Yep. This information should be added in the instructions or others will pull their hair out figuring it out.

Hi Folks! Have Freeway Express (6.1.2) and have tried both versions of this action with no luck (Insert>action item>does not show up). I see that is compatible with Express 5 (I've got 6.1.2) and with Pro 6 and 7 (is it ONLY compatible with these 2 Pro version and not Express?). It sure appears I'm in a version (Freeway Express 6.1.2) that's not compatible with either of these 2 actions. Must I upgrade to Pro to use this youtube action? Thanks!

Marcos I did not create this action but on the page it shows that the latest version is ONLY compatible with Pro version. The older version will work with the earlier express versions. John

Thanks John! Been holding of on upgrading to Pro for a long time (since I got along just fine with Express). Guess the time has come!

This is a great little action but for some reason the full screen option does not work. Any ideas?

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