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Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, Express 4, and Express 5

Author: max fancourt

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This is a realy quick rough action that allows you to integrate a Zoomify exported file from photoshop into freeway.

All you need to do is place the action anywhere on your freeway artwork, scale the box to whatever proportion and size you would like, assign the background colour you would like and finally type the name of the folder which Photoshop produces in the Folder Name field. Then all you need to do is upload/place the photoshop produced folder (you do not need the html file which photoshop produces) next your html page to see the zoomify flash file within freeway page.

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Hi, Could you explain what you mean by "type the name of the folder which Photoshop produces…"? And what the zoomify-action actually does? Thanks very much in advance.

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