Hi-res_e-mail_images.fwaction (2019-01-07) (Downloaded 25 times)


  • Hi-res e-mail images (page-action) - v. 2.1

Compatible: Pro 7

Hi-res_e-mail_images.fwaction (2018-08-20) (Downloaded 19 times)


  • Hi-res e-mail images (page-action) - v. 2.0

Compatible: Pro 7

Hi-res_e-mail_images.fwaction (2016-12-20) (Downloaded 52 times)


  • Hi-res e-mail images (page-action) - v. 1.0

Compatible: Pro 7

Author: Ian Webb

email images retina hi-res cache buster

To use high-resolution (Retina) images in HTML e-mails, Outlook needs the height and width to be added as attributes in the img tag. By default, Freeway puts these in CSS - perfect for websites, but no good for HTML e-mails.

A Page Action, designed to be used in conjunction with Softpress' Create Email action.

Pretty much entirely written by Tim Plumb because I couldn’t get it to work.

v2 Update - Added an option for a Cache-buster query string to be appended to images – useful during the proofing process as Apple Mail aggressively caches images in HTML e-mails.

v2.1 update - Added ‘Vertical align top’ control to remove additional spacing sometimes showing below images.


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