Mike Brackenridge (27 March 2009) PHP Easy Reflections

Use this action to create image reflections under the image the action is applied to. Can be applied to many images on the same page and each application can be custom set for reflection size and transparency etc.

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php image free reflection

max fancourt (1 April 2021) Script-Action-Set

This action set contains everything I could think of to allow you to construct intergrate and adjust an: xml, css, html, php, javacript, asp, txt… in fact just about any script type within Feeway that Freeway cant handle directly.

246 downloads, 7 comments.

javascript css php softpress image free gallery targets xml javascript library

max fancourt (1 July 2022) webP image file

This is a quick and dirty action that allows you to use webp file format images

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image Webp