Mike Brackenridge (25 December 2013) Cell BG Colour On Rollover

This is an action that can be used to style table cells background colour in Freeway Pro using onmouseover and onmouseout. Apply to each cell and then set the colour the cell background should change to on moving the cursor over and then for when moving the cursor out of the cell area.

116 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript effects layout free cells rollover background colour

Walter Davis (21 November 2013) CheckboxGhost

When you submit a form without checking a checkbox, does anyone hear it? No, they don’t. This Action adds a hidden field directly before the checkbox to force the field to be submitted to the server, whether it is checked or not.

31 downloads, 0 comments.

html form server

Walter Davis (14 January 2013) CheckboxHelper

Add a PHP-based automatic “checked” attribute to your checkbox form elements. Enter the name of the variable that is either true or has a true-ish value, and the Action does the rest.

30 downloads, 0 comments.

html php form server code

Walter Davis (16 April 2010) Classify

This function allows you to change the ID of an element into its ClassName, thus avoiding ID conflicts in repeating template elements.

18 downloads, 0 comments.


Softpress Support (20 January 2013) Clean Links

Want your links to look as clean as possible on your sites? Want to turn http://www.example.com/awesome-widgets.html into http://www.example.com/awesome-widgets/?

60 downloads, 4 comments.

links directory minimalist

Tim Plumb (25 July 2012) Clearfix

Clearfix are item, page and folder Actions that correct a common browser issue where divs (layer items) that contain floated content will collapse rather than display at the height of the largest child item.

56 downloads, 1 comment.

Walter Davis (24 February 2011) Code Buddy

Code Buddy is a page action that simplifies working with external markup items in your Freeway pages. It allows you to easily add external markup to your pages while retaining the power and vestility of your code or text editor.

82 downloads, 1 comment.

template html server

Softpress Support (12 February 2011) COLOURlovers™

Add color palettes from COLOURlovers to your Freeway project’s color list.

59 downloads, 0 comments.

design color

Walter Davis (9 May 2008) Comment

Add a set of comments around any layer on the page. This helps you locate a particular element when viewing or editing the source code.

49 downloads, 2 comments.

template html server code

Softpress Support (2 April 2012) Comments

A simple Action that allows users to comment on your site. The Action uses Disqus to host the comments. You must sign-up to their service and add your site for the Action to work. Once you’ve done this, copy your Shortname – you’ll need to use it in the Action.

89 downloads, 7 comments.

Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) Content Killer

Wipes out the content of the page to which it is applied upon publishing, replacing it with the Text from the Actions palette.

14 downloads, 1 comment.

Walter Davis (20 July 2008) ContentNegotiation

Content Negotiation is an optional feature of the Apache Web server. It allows you to provide the same content in different languages, relying on the browser’s preferences to determine which language to send – all automatically. This Action automates the production of the index.var file that tells Apache which languages your site supports.

20 downloads, 0 comments.

apache languages server

Tim Plumb (21 May 2012) Cookies info

This is a very simple inline Action that displays information about cookies and how they are used. The content comes from https://www.gov.uk/help/cookies and is reproduced under the Open Govenment Licence.

139 downloads, 0 comments.

Paul Dunning (4 August 2010) Coppéla

Coppélia gives you unprecedented control in Freeway created sites. At it’s simplest, it’s a much simpler way of moving an object on a page. However, add target chains to the mix, and you have a control system that can make your pages move, dance and sing (in a non-audio kind of way).

28 downloads, 1 comment.

animation movement layer move layers

Joe Muscara (21 March 2013) Country List

Creates a popup with a list of countries on it - for use in Forms.

82 downloads, 3 comments.

form forms

David McCallum (19 July 2015) County List

UK County form picker list

84 downloads, 8 comments.

form picker

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0 downloads, 0 comments.

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max fancourt (31 March 2017) Critical CSS Styles

Critical CSS

79 downloads, 0 comments.

css style

Walter Davis (14 July 2008) CrowBar

By default, Freeway wraps any text within a DIV with a container tag, such as a P. Even Markup Items get this treatment, so it is difficult to add a block of code inline that will generate a DIV or UL or another block-level tag without the result becoming an invalid mess.

175 downloads, 1 comment.

template server

max fancourt (21 November 2014) CSS Menu Input Name

In Freeway 7 the CSS Menu Action gives you the opportunity create a responsive menu, It does this by swopping out an input checkbox with a graphic of your choice. Unfortunately there is a certain attribute missing from that html output and thats the name of the input item. If you were then to use an application such as forms to go on that page it will throw up an error due to the checkbox’s lack of name.

294 downloads, 0 comments.

css navigation responsive

Paul Dunning (6 March 2009) CSS Rollover

This Action uses CSS to create a rollover.

132 downloads, 4 comments.

css rollover content management

Softpress Support (26 September 2014) CSS3 Box Sizing

Allows you to change items' box sizing value from the default of padding-box to border-box.

286 downloads, 1 comment.

relative css3 responsive inflow

Walter Davis (4 March 2020) CSS3 Columns

Make multi-column text without any extra elements. Apply this Action to a text box, set the number of columns or the desired column width, the space and divider properties, and see multi-column text in your modern browser. As with all CSS3 goodies, browsers that don’t support these properties will silently ignore them.

211 downloads, 2 comments.