Mark Anderson () Dispatch Your Own Whitelabel Decentralized Exchange Platform

Whitelabel exchange platform is a market-prepared platform that is made to dispatch the crypto business in a brief timeframe. This development strategy is totally customizable by the particular digital business models.

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Ian Webb (19 April 2013) Dreamweaver Template Page Title

Places the page title into a Dreamweaver Template editable region

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template Dreamweaver

Walter Davis (8 December 2013) DT

Make a proper Description List (DL) in Freeway.

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html standards

Softpress Support (29 August 2008) Dynamic Page Titles

Freeway will normally encode any non-alphanumeric characters, such as < and >, in page titles. This means that you can’t use ASP tags to dynamically generate titles.

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Softpress Support (24 February 2009) Dynamic Page Titles (PHP)

Allows pages to have dynamic, PHP generated names.

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max fancourt (5 August 2009) Email Ready HTML.fwaction

This Action is in its very early beta form.. but basically it moves the Styles into the body, removes the outer div automatically created by freeway. Allows you to center the email via the outer table and finally removes the offending characters that stops the published HTML being run through TextMate’s “Move all styles to inline” if you have this application and bundle.

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Mark Anderson () Embrace your blockchain platform by gaining assistance from Decentralized application developers

The DeFi DApps is a promising platform for future growth in the blockchain world. The decentralized DApps does not need any approval from the central authority to make instant transactions since it is operated by a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Investors can hire Decentralized application developers from Blockchain App Factory to develop their dream business.

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Mark Anderson () Embrace your business economic growth with STO Development Company

The blockchain based STO platform is trending in the digital world since it benefitted wide range of users to transact funds securely. The STO tokens have passed the howey test and legalized for transactions on blockchain platform. The STO platform is integrated with high-end security protocols to prevent hacking. Investors can approach the Blockchain App Factory for assistance in developing their STO platform cost-effectively.

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Mark Anderson () Empower your Peer To Peer Lending Platform Development with high-end security protocols

The peer-to-peer lending platform development is the town’s talk in recent times. It disrupted the entire blockchain industry by efficiently transacting loans faster for users to benefit during critical situations. Investors can overtake the traditional lending platform by investing in developing a P2P lending platform by gaining proper assistance from Blockchain App Factory.

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P2P Lending Software

Mark Anderson () Empower your STO Exchange Software using the latest cutting-edge technology

The STO exchange is ruling the blockchain industry with its efficient features to benefit the investors from raising funds for their business growth. It is considered the best fundraising model to generate profits in less time using real-world assets like bonds, shares or equities. Investors can connect with the world’s leading Blockchain App Factory to develop a world-class STO Exchange Software using blockchain technology cost-effectively.

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Walter Davis (1 May 2014) EmptyBoxHelper

Add this Action to an empty HTML box on your page to get rid of the annoying 1px font size (and missing Overflow setting) that Freeway foists on empty boxes.

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Mark Anderson () Engage your business growth with NFT Marketplace Development Company

The NFT Marketplace Development Company has initiated a decentralized platform that enables users to store and trade NFTs. We at Blockchain App Factory have specialized in providing NFT marketplace development and building other blockchain platforms based on customers’ business needs.

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Mark Anderson () Enhance your token exchange business with Non Fungible Token Development Services

The Non Fungible Token Development Services is a promising future for many individuals and start-ups to use the opportunities to expand their economic status in a short period. In contrast, non-fungible tokens are the digital representation of unique collectibles in the blockchain platform.

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Walter Davis (2 January 2013) ESS-Convert to Style Sheet

Convert any page in your site into a CSS stylesheet. Add new styles either by creating styled text on that page, or by manually entering them through the Actions interface.

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Walter Davis (2 January 2013) ESS-Use External Style Sheet

Use any external CSS style sheet in your Freeway page. This can be a page within the site that you converted to a stylesheet using the ESS-Convert to Style Sheet Action or a stylesheet created with another application.

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Tim Plumb (14 November 2012) Exhibeo Extras

Exhibeo Extras is a very simple page Action that adds extra functionality to Exhibeo galleries in your Freeway sites.

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Mark Anderson () Experience the benefits of developing your blockchain platform with Security Token Offering

The security token offering (STO) is an efficient way to raise funds on external assets or enterprise shares in a permissioned or permissionless blockchain. Governments and businesses issue security tokens based on collateral value like stocks, bonds and equities. Investors can get in touch with Blockchain App Factory to develop their dream business using blockchain technology.

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Mark Anderson () Experience the high-end features initialized in Security token trading platform

The security token trading platform is storming the internet in recent times for its efficiency in the blockchain industry. The security tokens value is high in the marketplace and efficient to raise funds to earn passive income from high ROI. Investors can connect with globally recognized Blockchain App Factory to develop their STO trading platform using blockchain technology.

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STO_Exchange SecurityTokenExchange

Mark Anderson () Experience the state-of-the-art technology in your Ethereum token development platform

The growth of ethereum token development is massive in the blockchain industry, and its efficiency in the marketplace grabbed users attention in less time. The ethereum platform performs exceptionally well for the users to experience seamless transactions of ETH tokens and evaluates proper listings of exchanges. Investors can approach Blockchain App Factory in the development of their ethereum tokens to top the marketplace.

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Mark Anderson () Experience the supremacy of Initial Farm Offering Development Process with best platform

The initial farm offering solutions has become more popular in the real world that stormed the internet by luring millions of users’ attention in less time. Investors can hire professional Initial Farm Offering Solution Providers from any blockchain company that offers world-class ready-to-launch IFO development solutions cost-effectively to top the marketplace.

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Joe Muscara (5 May 2014) ExpressionEngine Action Suite

Need to create a web site that uses an online publishing system, such as a weblog or a content management system? Have a client that needs to make updates to their site themselves but they don’t have any Macs? This Action Suite allows you to create a dynamic site using ExpressionEngine (available separately) and Freeway that can be easily updated by users. ExpressionEngine (EE) is a highly flexible content management system (CMS) that allows those without extensive PHP experience to create database driven websites that rival sites with tens of thousands of dollars of custom scripting and database development.

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cms commercial content management

Softpress Support (29 August 2008) External JavaScript

This Action allows you to upload and link to an external JavaScript file.

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Ian Webb (30 August 2012) External Javascript (enhanced)

This is the Softpress External Javascript action, but with a new option for ‘After Head’ added, and the list expanded to 10 items.

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javascript external

max fancourt (21 March 2013) External Reset Stylesheet

Reference a reset external style sheet within freeway

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css php form softpress layout style mysql database includes

Tim Plumb (22 May 2013) Externalize

Externalize is a page Action that attempts to do one thing - to make your HTML code as clean and clutter-free as it can. To achieve this it trawls through your Freeway pages looking for both CSS styles and JavaScript to extract from the page and link back in an external file.

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