Walter Davis (13 October 2018) Leaflet for Open Street Map

This Action allows you to use the Open Street Map service wherever you might use Google Maps. The resulting map is pleasantly-colored, and is very mobile-friendly. It works well in flexible or responsive layouts, too.

335 downloads, 8 comments.

map https secure security

Walter Davis (17 October 2012) Link to File with Target

A quick hack on the built-in (Softpress) Link to File Action. As the title says, this adds a Target attribute to the link, so you can send the file to a new window or an iframe.

61 downloads, 0 comments.

html softpress code

Softpress Support (23 February 2009) Link to Page

Make and maintain links between pages (next page, previous page, etc.) automatically.

59 downloads, 0 comments.

softpress oftpress

David McCallum (27 December 2015) List Item Starter

FW makes it very difficult for you to change the starting item # in an ordered list. This little action gives you that option.

160 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (7 April 2013) Mals E-Commerce Suite

The Mals E-Commerse Suite of Actions for Freeway is a collection of easy to use yet powerful tools to allow you to set up shop with Freeway quickly and easily.

129 downloads, 3 comments.

Tim Plumb (25 June 2010) Mark of the Web

The Mark of the Web folder action adds a comment at the top of every web page that stops Internet Explorer from complaining about scripts on the page when the page is viewed locally (rather than on a web server).

14 downloads, 0 comments.

Tim Plumb (1 April 2011) Meta Plus

The Meta Plus page Action provides a framework that allows you to easily add commonly used meta data to your pages.

164 downloads, 3 comments.

Joe Muscara (30 July 2008) Mini CMS 2 (FileCMS)

Development of mini CMS/FileCMS has been ended by the developer. If you do not already have a copy of the CMS, please do not purchase this Action. I am leaving this Action available for sale for those who already have mini CMS or FileCMS. Contact me before buying this Action if you have any questions.

85 downloads, 7 comments.

cms commercial content management system

max fancourt (14 June 2017) Mobile Redirect PHP

This is a quick action that allows you to redirect to a new page if being viewed on a mobile device. This differs from the existing Mobile redirect action because we are triggering the redirect before most of the page loads using a PHP script placed before the HEAD Tag

75 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (27 September 2013) Multiple Form

Freeway automatically generates a form tag that encloses all content on your page when you draw a form item on your page. This means that you can only have one form per page by default (because nested form items are not possible in HTML).

208 downloads, 2 comments.

Softpress Support (24 February 2009) MySQL Connect

MySQL Connect generates PHP code so that the page can connect to a database. It has two settings, one for development and one for when the page is hosted on a server that is on line. Code created by this Action can be inserted onto another page using the Action ‘Include PHP Page’.

57 downloads, 2 comments.

Softpress Support (24 February 2009) MySQL Get Records

This Action generates PHP code to query a database. This code will also be put into a container which can be included on another page using the ‘Include PHP Page’ Action.

45 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (29 August 2008) Navigation Popup 50

This Action is an extended version of the Navigation Popup Action. It allows you to create a standard HTML pulldown menu containing links to other pages.

60 downloads, 2 comments.

Walter Davis (27 September 2014) NewsCycle

Create an area on your page that fades in and out, showing new content each time. This Action is very flexible in application, and can handle a wide range of content types.

577 downloads, 40 comments.

developer javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Softpress Support (29 August 2008) No Form

Freeway automatically generates a form tag that encloses all content on your page when you draw a form item on your page. This means that you can only have one form pre page by default (because nested form items are not possible in HTML).

16 downloads, 0 comments.

Walter Davis (22 October 2013) NoConflict

Add the jQuery noConflict() function to a page that contains both Prototype and jQuery.

77 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript prototype scriptaculous jquery

Ian Webb (3 November 2008) NoScript DIV

Scriptaculous Actions are fantastic, but what if you haven’t got Javascript enabled? Here’s an action that allows you to nominate alternative content using the HTML noscript tag. Apply the action to the layer (div) that you want to show instead of the slideshow.

6 downloads, 0 comments.

scriptaculous noscript

Joe Muscara (8 September 2008) Page Expiration

Sets the META expires value to the desired date and time.

20 downloads, 0 comments.


Walter Davis (6 January 2014) PageDiv Extended

This Action allows you to completely remove or replace the Style tag of the PageDiv, or to add a ClassName to that tag.

57 downloads, 0 comments.

template html standards css

Softpress Support (21 March 2013) Password Protected URL

This action allows you to have a page or folder on your web site that can only be accessed by entering a password.

695 downloads, 8 comments.

Paul Dunning (7 November 2011) Paul’s Buttons

An Action which will let you quickly add extra buttons to your Freeway website. There are a number of shapes and colour options available already, but you can also change colours and, in some instances, the roundness of corners and the thickness of outlines.

47 downloads, 0 comments.

buttons graphics svg

Carsten Cohn (26 April 2012) PHP -PageProtect

This action works in 2 Level:

161 downloads, 4 comments.

php form softpress layout password mysql database includes accessibility page session paysite

Softpress Support (24 February 2009) PHP Add Query to a Link

In order to pass a variable from one page to another, you need to send it as a query on a link; you may have seen URLs like this:

20 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (24 February 2009) PHP Block

This Action may be likened to a Swiss Army knife: PHP Block allows you to define a section of a Freeway page as a block of PHP. The Freeway page may contain any number of the following items:

33 downloads, 0 comments.

Mike Brackenridge (29 August 2008) PHP Dynamic Page Titles

This action allows the use of a PHP variable along with a Freeway entered title for the page title, users have the option of setting the text entered in the Freeway title field before or after the variable set with this action.

0 downloads, 0 comments.

php free titles dynamic